ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 18 June 2015

  • You can now rename your tribe. (if you are the founder or have transferred the ownership)
  • You now also earn 50% of the XP on your human character that your mount earns (when riding it).
  • You can no longer grab onto ladders thru walls.
  • You can now search for sessions by name.
  • In PvE, you can't build in caves/caveentrances anymore and all such structures are autodestroyed (but sleeping bags are allowed). This is to prevent PvE players from blockading the caves with no other players able to damage such structures.
  • Torpor now increases per level on creatures as a percentage of their max torpor, not via an absolute value. Makes big highlevel creatures tougher to knock out.
  • Tribechat key can now be rebound via UI
  • in Pve the flyers can no longer grab players who are on a different team
  • Punching structures you can't damage (such as metal) still hurts you now, so you can kill yourself in metal cages etc.
  • 10% global insulation effectiveness boost
  • Minor GPU optimization to shader caching.
  • Servers now autorestart if they crash, should yield better server uptime for now.
  • If corrupted local or server save files, data is now automatically restored from the last backup.
  • "Pistol whip" melee damages are nerfed appropriately and they now lose durability accordingly.
  • Base Food/Water Resource consumption rates reduced by 25% each
  • Mountain Stones now have a lot more metal. Still more to do here (actually new resource visuals and rich metals on the mountain summits) but wanna reserve the full map update 'till Friday, as it will require more testing.
  • Dinos can no longer damage metal structures. Rockets are now using "demolition" damage type which makes them as effective as C4. All explosions effectiveness vs structures increased 50%.
  • Grenade Engram moved to level 30, & no longer requires Crystal to craft.
  • Visual Glitches ("popin") on caves with low view distances is fixed.