ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 23 June 2015

  • Only Wood, Thatch, and Stone required for Stone Walls/Stone Foundation now
  • Fixed problem connecting to various servers, was a silly data networking mismatch
  • Fixed issue with player growing... large... upon falling unconscious from dino such as Carbonemys (very amusing ;)
  • Spawn Point UI will no longer improperly list buttons for beds that are on cooldown
  • All pipes are now considered "foundation" and will not fall apart if a piece is destroyed
  • Server admins can now adjust the following values:
The Amount of overall dinos
The damage & resistance of tamed vs untamed dinos respectively
The relative weight of each dino species and maximum caps of each dino species per zone
The speed of taming
The speed of harvesting and a multiplier for how much resources are earned (overall, not per resource yet)
The amounts of player and dino stamina draining respectively
The amounts of player and dino food draining respectively
The amounts of player water draining
The speed of player and dino natural health recoveries
The time of Structure open-demolish on PvE (soon this will be per-structure class, but currently is global)