ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 25 June 2015

  • Flyers now take approximately 6x damage from bullets and ranged projectiles.
  • Fixed a missing value in thatch & wood structure settings, now effectively thatch and wood about 2.5x as resistant to damage as they were before.
  • Fixed Swimmers (i.e. Megalodon) and Flyers dive/climb speeds -* they no longer leave the "sprinting" speed when diving/climbing
  • Particle FX on activated structures now appear correctly after reloading in singleplayer
  • Water Taps connected directly to intakes now work
  • Stone wall is now colorizable
  • Wild AI Targeting Range on Megalodons is reduced by 50%
  • Added the unique Phiomia and Carnotaurus saddles
  • Can't build signs near enemy foundations anymore, was used to grief people by wedging them into their homes etc
  • Structures in PvE now have per-structure PvE allowed-demolish time, by default: 4 days for thatch/small utility structures, 8 days days for wood, 12 days for stone, and 16 days for metal
  • Fixed hidden player hands when wearing gloves while riding a dino in FPV
  • Explosions no longer damage structures thru walls/obstructions
  • PvE now shows a "Anyone Can Demolish" timer on structures
  • Can no longer... place sleeping bags/structures thru other player's/team's structures
  • Can no longer melee attack people thru walls
  • Can no longer place doors of multiple tiers over each other.
  • Massive async level load/unload hitching reductions
  • Fixed exploit with getting flyers underneath the World. If you do this, they will die. Also you can't pull-grab targets through the World either.
  • Four new "PvE Hardcore" servers for North America, Europe, and Oceania -* each.
  • Major map update: new resources (including summit and underwater Crystals), better visuals, better optimization, and WIP areas completed
  • Approximate 15-20% server and client CPU perf gain!!!! combination of link time code generation and opcode optimizations
  • 3GB+ RAM reduction for servers, ~1GB RAM+ reduction for clients. For serves over 50% memory savings!!!!!!!! Basically we've converted all our foliage structures to use data primitive types rather than "Objects" :)
  • PhysX Bug fix: no more super-slow servers
  • Client side GPU perf improvements: foliage batching rewrite
  • New Server gameplay options exposed to the Host Game UI
  • Fixed issue where foliage would sometimes respawn on your base or on your dinos
  • Can no longer damage players through walls with pikes/grenades etc
  • Can no longer strafe while prone
  • Can no longer pull characters through ground with flyers
  • Spear-killing a fish will now also instantly grab the fish so that you can stay out of the water
  • Flyers no longer get into a bad flying state when saved while flying (work-around before v180: whistle for them to follow you , then whistle for them to stop after they start flying)
  • Can no longer place structures if line of sight is broken by enemy structure
  • Stone wall properly colorizable
  • Crop plot saving issue fixed