ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 14 July 2015

  • You can place the Preserving Bin again :)
  • Allied Dinos are now immune to your Gas Traps
  • Made Eggs about 200% more likely to be found, and they now last for 8 days in regular inventory, rather than 2 -- store them in a Fridge to keep them nearly forever ;)
  • Rebalanced some taming speeds: Raw Prime Meat is 70% as fast as it was originally, and appropriate Kibble is now as fast as Raw Prime Meat originally was. (non-Prime meats are the same speed as originally, as is the non-nutritious Cooked Prime Meat)
  • Fixed a server inventory-related crash with the Multi-Grill
  • Disallowed engrams/items are now automatically destroyed on primitive servers (or any server which uses a custom item list), retroactively. Primitive Servers online again.
  • Updated & posted new Server Game.ini for Primitive Servers to correspond to new Engram layout. In the future, we will change this to name-based list rather than indexed list, so it will not become outdated again.