ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 22/23 July 2015

  • Reduced Ant (Titanomyrma) aggro radius by 30%
  • Turrets no longer will target you through corpses, and they no longer have any friendly fire
  • Repairing structures now only takes half as much resources as before (as further incentive to Repair rather than Replace)
  • Crop plots can now be placed on very uneven ground
  • Phiomia can now poop
  • Mate-boosted Tamed Dinos now have 2x chance of producing eggs
  • Eliminated remaining server-side memory leak
  • ~70% faster loading speed option. Choose "Experiment Fast Load Cache" launch option (use add "-usecache" to your launch commandline manually). After the first & second times that you start the game & load will be still be slow, but the third time onwards will be fast. This is testing a new caching method. If it works well, will then ship with the prebuilt cached files so that it'll always be fast even first-time, and we'll do this for all the maps as well.
  • Non-Dedicated Host Session: for small groups to play cooperatively -- you use singleplayer saves with this mode, seamlessly! For the moment to Host online, you need to open ports 27015-27030 and 7777 to your computer (not necessary on LAN) -- but soon tomorrow, that will be automatic using Steam NAT traversal. If you're looking to join such a session, you'll find these sessions listed in the "Non-Dedicated Session" filter type on the Session List UI. Or join using your Friends list, or the LAN list, if it's a LAN game. Note that Non-Dedicated Hosting uses your SINGLEPLAYER saved world/character, so you can seamlessly switch between Hosting and playing Singleplayer :) . Also, everyone but the Host is restricted to playing within a ~200 meter radius around the Host (it's primarily for Coop-only play). For the time being, this is necessary to preserve Host performance & system memory.
  • Placeable Structures (boxes, beds, signs, etc) will no longer be destroyed when replacing the underlying structure beneath them
  • Vaults once again properly drop if the floor underneath them is destroyed
  • Fortitude stat now has 1.5x the insulating effect as previously
  • Cooked Prime Meat will no longer be eaten before Raw Meat by Tamed Dinos
  • There is now a repair-cost tooltip when you hover over the "Repair Structure" option, indicating the material cost to fully repair the structure
  • Added Tribe Name to Death Recap (so that u can know what Tribe to seek unholy revengeance upon)
  • Fixed an issue in singleplayer games where you could remain sleeping forever! (sleeping beauty)
  • PvP Cave damage multiplier (default 6x) now functions in underwater caves as well