ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 24 July 2015

  • Dinos that are pushed into world geomtry (moved inside stones etc) are now killed after a period of time. Don't try to hide dinos there, it's not legit ;)
  • Removed the unnecessary word "Quantity" from the "Craft All" button
  • Transponders no longer disappear if your body is destroyed and you have a loot bag so that u can find your bag -- they then attach to your loot bag. (if that's destroyed, however, then bye bye transponder)
  • "Stay All" Whistle ("U" by default) now only affects things following YOU or the Dino that you're riding. (so if you have a team with other dinos following other team members, it won't stop those other dinos)
  • Defaulted the loading speed improvements, shipped the prebuilt load cache, and made it used by default. Loading & streaming speed gains of 70-80% on PrimalGameData... still have to do the maps though :)
  • Turrets require power again ;)
  • Fixed turret shooting logic bug that was causing incorrect turret fire rate (or was causing them to not fire at all), and fixed aiming logic to not fire if it doesn't have a clean shot -- turrets should be pretty badass killing machines now, shouldn't have any direct exploits remaining.