ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 25 July 2015

  • New Creature: Meganeura (Dragonfly)
  • New Structure: Dino Feeding Trough!
  • More loading speed improvements: 60%+ on the maps and in-game streaming speed (this involved reformatting how much of the game-content data was packed, hence the ~2GB update!)
  • Server Admins now have a command "ServerChatToPlayer" to send direct chat messages to playername, rather than steamid (use "ServerChatTo" to send to steamid)
  • Custom servers INI can now scale globally the spoiling times of perishables, as well as scale the global decomposition time of items and bodies on the ground, respectively. Set these to larger than 0 values, in your server's Game.ini
  • Custom servers INI can now scale on a per-resource type basis the amount of resources harvested. In your server's Game.ini, for example:
  • Custom servers INI can now override the Max XP cap of players & dino characters, respectively. Set these to larger than 0 values, in your server's Game.ini :
  • Bonus Items are now properly given upon respawn again (a bug was causing them to only be given when you examined an Obelisk Terminal Inventory). Edit: Ah nope, still requires accessing an Obelisk Terminal to get those bonus items. Will fix properly shortly!
  • Fixed a bug with the Flying Titanomyrma that was causing them to be very difficult to hit
  • Linux Dedi Server should now be able to load Mods without crashing :)
  • Dimorphodons don't lay Pteranodon Eggs anymore
  • Non-Dedi Multiplayer Sessions always has player list visible in Pause menu
  • Non-Dedi Multiplayer Sessions always displays Player Join & Leave messages
  • Turret now uses correct weak-metal structure damgetype (was using wood structure type by accident)