ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 29 July 2015

  • Increased Max Player level to 74, and Max Dino level to 50
  • Added new music to character creation UI
  • Fixed some missing FPV melee animation hit notifications, fixed damage type on slingshot melee (was applying too much torpor)
  • Raised minimum wooden bow damage for shortest-pulled arrows to 50%, up from 25%
  • Added Dino Hurt-Damage Blood overlay (various dinos get bloodier as they take more damage to help visually indicate their health)
  • Tribes have a new governance option as to whether only Admins can Unclaim Tribe Dinos
  • Tribe name uniqueness on a server is now enforced (going forwards)
  • +75% stone harvesting from stone sources
  • Compound Bow & Armor-and-Hide Piercing Metal Arrows
  • Linux Controller Support (Mac coming soon!): for your Steam Controllers! What's that you say? You don't have a Steam Controller yet?! Oh ok, it'll also work with regular controllers ;)
  • Increase to 4.0 Difficulty on Official Server Network (and increase of difficulty cap to 4.0)
  • Fixed Dinos (Scorp, Anky, etc) getting stuck on Server when swimming and attacking (rubber banding)
  • Finally bonus items on respawn ;)
  • Fixed some minor exploits
  • Added Mate-Boosted icon
  • Stackable Mod support! This allows multiple mods to be used together and combine their changes -- works with existing mods too! and you can use Mods on custom maps now. To Use Stackable Mods from the in-game menu, simply goto the "Host Game" menu and then select a map, and a list of mods to stack. The top mod will take priority (i.e. is most likely to fully work), and any secondary mods will attempt to add items and other overrides, they may or may not work depending on what those mods actually do (most mods that add items will work as secondary mods... whereas you'll likely want to use any major rebalancing mod as your "base" mod :). We'll continue to add more functionality for what Stacked Mods can do, so stay tuned!

To specify stacked mods for dedicated server commandline, you first need to manually install the Mods by copying over the Mod files, then specify Steam Published File ID's in your Server's
GameUserSettings.ini like so (and just load the map via commandline):
Or use a Commandline to launch it like this:
ShooterGameServer.exe /Game/Mods/485317707/halo?listen?GameModIds=222SomeMod222,333Shield333
(the left-most ID is the top mod)
Also one neato thing: the clients don't need to have ANY of the mods installed when they connect to the server.
They'll actually dynamically automatically download them all, one-by-one, install them, and then finishing connecting! :) 
  • ARK Dev Kit: Better mod features to add engrams to structures and remap items