ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 11 September 2015

  • Driveable Dune Buggy Modding example (we'll let modders have the first crack at vehicles with this example :)

(also available for server admins to spawn for experiments, and so is the Dragon)

cheat spawnactor "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Dragon/Dragon_Character_BP.Dragon_Character_BP'" 1 1 1
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/Vehicles/VH_Buggy/Blueprint/PrimalItemVHBuggy.PrimalItemVHBuggy'" 1 1 false -- for proper
driving physics on dedicated servers, highly recommend that server admins who use the Buggy run their server with INI change:
  • New Creature: Pachycephalosaurus!
  • New Item: Water Raft!
  • New Item: Scuba Pants, providing excellent hypothermic insulation, but only when in water.
  • New Item: Craftable "Amnesiac Soup" that resets all of your Engrams and Skill Points!
  • Paintings / Warpaints can now be saved, loaded, and shared! (they require the corresponding indicated amount of paint to apply, of course!) -- can someone make a Bitmap to ARKPaint converter now? ;)
  • Human and Dino Warpaint
  • Collidable Saddle Platform & Build-on-Saddles: make your big ♥♥♥ brontos and plesios into mobile bases, build just about anything up from them! Build ladders to climb up onto them, whatever -- the possibilities are nearly endless!!! ;) We originally were gonna limit it to sleeping bags and turrets, but let's just go all-out and make it work with everything

Note: Plesio platform-saddle coming in future update v208.

  • Scuba Torso Top included in Tank Item
  • Auto Anti Hack Banning (Speed currently, Aimbotting coming shortly): experimental server commandline option -antispeedhack
  • Ogg Music now plays on Mac and Linux (main menu, loading, spawning, etc)
  • New ServerSettings "DisablePvEGamma=true" option now prevents gamma changes in PvE
  • DestroyWildDinos cheat command, instantly destroys all Wild Dinos. Useful if you want to force repopulation of the ARK... sounds apocalyptic. Similarly, DestroyStructures
  • When placing a FenceFoundation/Wall/DoorFrame/GateFrame, you can now press the Use-Key to rotate them 180 degrees when snapped (i.e. to "flip" them)
  • Eliminated Server lag/stalling associated with clients that have poor connections getting a BUNCH of structures sent to them all at once
  • There's now an on-screen overhead icon when a Dino of yours is in range of one of your Troughs.
  • You can now place crop-plots on Structures
  • You can now name Refrigerators... Maltheus :)
  • 50% of the Inventory weight of a Monkey on your shoulder is now put on you ;)
  • Rocket Launcher no longer consumes 2 ammo per shot; only 1 ammo per shot now.
  • There are various new craftable dye colors including Cyan ;)
  • Fixed Claiming of dinos on PvE! (thankfully the timers are saved, was just an input issue)
  • Custom Chat bindings now work properly when menus are open
  • Fixed UI crash associated with "blueprint skins"
  • Server admins can now ban via SteamID when a player isn't currently connected

New Primitive Server INI: [1]