ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 18 September, 2015

  • Turrets no longer (fruitlessly) attempt to shoot rafts, they'll shoot the driver of the raft if they have line-of-sight
  • Water dinos now correctly Follow rafts (or you when you're driving the raft)
  • Flyers are now allowed to have riders while walking on the ground. Yay :)
  • Fixed client invisible flyers on saddle-platforms
  • Fixed wrong-rotated structure placements (campfires, etc) on saddle platforms
  • Fixed crash when loading a save with platforms/saddles that have structures removed by a mod
  • Option for server hosts to use direct UDP socket connections rather than Steam P2P, for significantly increased server network performance and stability! To enable direct UDP sockets mode on your dedicated server (for slightly increased networking performance & more optimized bandwidth utilization and potentially better long-term stability), use commandline option "?bRawSockets" (on Windows or Linux) -- you'll need to manually open ports 7777 & 7778 if you do so in order for your server to accept connections.
  • Reduced Ptero Barrel Roll damage by 33% and increased its stamina cost by 90%
  • Personally-Owned Tribe Governments will no longer allow Replacing Structures that the user is not authorized to Demolish
  • Increased default max # of structures per dynamic platform (Saddle Platforms, Rafts) by 25%
  • SCUBA Pants hypothermal stat now works when riding dinos
  • Plant Species X now don't automatically reactivate after loading savegame if you have them Sleeping
  • Fixed an issue with Electric Generators not linking to Electric Wires properly if they were placed after the Electric Wires, and thus unable to supply power outlets. (requires rebuilding them if you have any exhibiting this behavior)
  • Current Character Stats no longer reset after a Fast Travel
  • Spike Blockades can no longer be used to break falldamage
  • Dragonfire now damages flyers
  • Transponders & C4 now attach properly to Platform Saddled Dinos & Rafts
  • Improved Dimorphodon collision box
  • Flyers now remember their flying/walking state properly across save games (i.e. they don't fall out of the air anymore after load)
  • Raft movements no longer get blocked/rubberbanded by dinos that are standing on them
  • Fixed issue of Dinos not appearing in their correct location on Rafts/Platforms if you unmounted them when on a Raft/Platform
  • Host Session UI no longer clamps the numeric values by sliders (i.e. you can input beyond-range values into the text boxes and they'll hold)
  • Fixed Titanboas falling thru the air aboveground into Caves blow