ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 22 September, 2015

  • Fixed Oculus Rift VR support <grumbles something about updated Oculus SDK/>
  • New Feature: Custom Inventory Folders, on any Inventory. ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE! <3
  • New Structures: Powered Elevator Structures
  • New Structures: Controllable Primitive Ballista Turret to place on structures and on the backs of your dinos (which damage stone structures at primitive tech level!)
  • New Item: Plesiosaur Platform Saddle! It's time to build your dino submarine bases, survivors!
  • Fixed grabbing onto / climbing ladders while underwater
  • Fixed getting tossed off by flyers if they had previously run out of Stamina even after landing
  • Activated Forges/Production Inventories now continue to consume resources after game reload
  • Personally owned buildings/dinos now transfer to offline players if kicked from Tribe
  • Flyers can no longer hold onto players when landed, nor drop them through the ground
  • Fixed Tribe issue with same-named Tribes causing members to get kicked
  • Fixed Flyers sliding on ground when Encumbered
  • Mods/TC's now have the option of FORCING more server PhysX Substeps, mostly useful for accurate Vehicle Physics (recommend 6 substeps & 0.03333 deltatime). See PrimalGameData.OverrideServerPhysXSubsteps and PrimalGameData.OverrideServerPhysXDeltaTime
  • Wild Flyers will no longer get stuck on water and drown -- they'll fly out of water properly and head back towards landmass when necessary
  • Fixed a savegame corruption case with large savegames: this is experimental, so try with "-noninlinesaveload" if you have any saves that don't load. We'll formally roll this loader change out in a subsequent patch after we're 100% certain it has no side effects.
  • Dropped Eggs are no longer invisible after loading a singleplayer game
  • Optimized server ragdoll behaviors/perf, and fixed a nasty client physx perf bug (well of despair perf problem)
  • 25% more max structures per dynamic platform by default. for realz!
  • Fixed up the physics of the flyer Air-Brake, ("Prone" binding, default [X])
  • Fixed issue with firing rockets and other weapon projectiles not using accurate collision detection
  • Updated Primitive Server Values / Items / Engrams here: