ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - 20 October 2015

  • Mammal Pregnancy & Flyer creature Breeding
  • Babies now have 10% chance of twins, 2% chance of triplets! (may vary this by creature later). All twins/triplets are genetically identical, not fraternal.
  • New Structure: Mountable War Drums (the first of various instruments! -- first Survivors to send us a cool Drum group symphony youtube video will get some kudos! ;)
  • New Structure: Paintable Wall-Mounted "War Map"
  • New Structures: 'Railings' Structure set
  • Fixed hop-onto-raft Raft networking issue
  • Fixed issue with server Dino depopulation (tamed Dinos and lonely structures counting against zone respawns, mostly on PvE)
  • Fixed SotF reconnection bug
  • Fixed "invisible structures around you" issue by prioritizing the networking of nearby structures higher than far-away structures
  • Carnotaurus are now breedable
  • Fixed issue where new fertilized Eggs dropped onto the ground would not be interactable on clients
  • You can now pickup Sabers with Argentavis
  • Foliage fillrate performance optimization