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Released - 17 May, 2016

SERVER ADMIN NOTE: There was an issue with v241.0 that caused Flyers to temporarily lose their Saddles and all Dinos to fall through Structures upon reloading. We strongly recommend all server admins upgrade to v241.1 as soon as possible, and consider a one-time rollback of their save data if their players were affected by use of 241.0. Accordingly for this reason, at 5:30pm Eastern on May 17, we rolled-back all the ARK Official Servers by approximately 2 hours.

  • Fixed critical issue with Flyer Saddles Disappearing and Dinos Falling thru Structures/Bases on game load.

Additional Note[]


Hey guys, An issue was recently brought to my attention regarding the ability to upload and download data via Obelisks on The Center. Unfortunately due to a change we made with how save-data works, you wouldn't have been able to download data from The Island. This was an oversight on our part.

What we are going to do is revert that change and unify the systems for the next patch - however this means that any data you upload right now on THE CENTER (not The Island) will be lost. So if you plan to play The Center, keep your characters and your dinos - do not upload them as they will be lost!