ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - January 31, 2017

  • You can no longer stand on the flight ceiling (though jetpack flight z is still clamped)
  • Singleplayer/non-dedicated bosses are reduced in damage and effective-HP by 67%
  • You can no longer trim hair from dead bodies
  • Fixed allosaurus alpha buff / pack not working
  • Tekboots now consume element automatically for fall damage. note you do have to manaully load them for climbing grip, however.
  • Veg cakes are now consumable by herbis again!!
  • Fixed TheCenter destroying structures on floating island in pve (not retroactive)
  • Fixed another case where Mods could crash (particularly Weapon Mods)
  • All-Players floating names for admin spectator (when you fly up high) now are defaulted off (they cost server perf), and can be enabled by spectator admins with "cheat SetShowAllPlayers true"