ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - June 11th, 2020

  • Crystal Isles free map is now available on Steam & EGS
  • ARK is now available on the Epic Game Store (free forever for one week!)

For those of you running dedicated servers, here's some info you need to know:

When running a Crossplay or Epic Game Store server, the VOIP software will be default to use the Vivox, an alternative VOIP plugin. For those using Steam only, you can continue to use Steam VOIP (default) or alternatively opt into Vivox.

Necessary Server Args:

-crossplay (enables Crossplay on Dedicated Server) -epiconly (enables Epic Game Store only players to connect to the Dedicated Server) -UseVivox (enables Vivox on Steam only servers)

Running a server with mods or without -epiconly or -crossplay will mean that the server will only accept player connections from Steam and not EGS.

  • 5th Anniversary Event (can be started with -activeevent=birthday)
  • Fixed multiple undermesh exploits
  • Increased Ovis corpse harvesting scaling by 4x
  • Fixed a mating range bug
  • Additional server-side transfer logging
  • Whisper (ALT+B) and Yell voice (Shift+B) chat have been added