ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - March 5th, 2021

  • Reworked TEK Helm to function like the shoulder cannon so that tapping 'E' no longer cycles visors instead holding 'E' will bring up a pinwheel which players can use to toggle or cycle the visor.
  • Corrupted Dinos no longer damage player structures on PvE
  • Made some tweaks to the Artifact system in single-player to resolve some scenarios where some artifacts (such as Skylord) would spawn/respawn unreliably.
  • Fixed invisible bees.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to escape through the ceiling barrier on some maps
  • Fixed a client crash related to movement
  • Fixed a client crash related to attacking with creatures
  • Fixed a bug where the Colour ID was displaying incorrectly on Cryopods
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to avoid turret damage
  • Fixed a bug where enemy creature floating HUD names would still cost client performance even when not rendered
  • Fixed a bug where the Shoulder Cannon was targeting allied creatures on PVE
  • Fixed a server crash