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Swedish translation of the ARK Survival Evolved Wiki
Svensk översättning av ARK Survival Evolved wiki
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The Swedish translation is a Translation project on ARK Survival Evolved Wiki.

Main goals[]

  • Make information about ARK Survival Evolved accessible for Swedish players.


  • Translate every English article.

How to contribute[]

If you would like to translate a page, first please let the head admin(s) know on their talk pages or on the admin noticeboard of the wiki. Alternately, you can contact the Wiki Manager of the wiki, who is listed in the community portal.

The steps for translating on most wikis are the following:

  1. Create a new page with "/languagecode" added to the end of the pagename of the page you wish to translate. ie. If you want to translate the page "loot" to Swedish, you would create page "loot/sv". For a list of Language codes, please see: Display Titles will be translated once the translation process has been officialized by a Staff Member. Until this moment, editors will need use the "DisplayTitle/languagecode" model.
  2. Translate the text of the page and at the bottom of the page, add the page to the category: [[Category:LANGUAGECODE translation]]. i.e. Translating a page to Swedish would have [[Category:SV translation]] added to the bottom of the edit. This will put all translated pages of one language into a single category. We expect translators to be proficient speakers of the target language. Using Internet translation sites is discouraged.
  3. Once the main page has been translated, along with a handful of additional pages, and there is a person in place willing to be the head admin of that translated wiki and moderate it, a sub-domain can be set up for that translation. i.e. A translated Swedish wiki would be at
  4. When a translated wiki is ready to be created, contact your Wiki Manager.

Project participants[]

There is no active administrator for this project. If you wish to take charge of this project, you can notify us on the Admin Noticeboard.

Main Translators[]