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What is Tribe Week?[]

Are you searching for a Tribe on ARK: Survival Evolved? Is your current Tribe looking to recruit new members? This week on Gamepedia and the Unofficial ARK Wiki, we're hosting ARK Tribe Week, a five-day event focusing on Tribe recruitment, management, and more. In addition to loads of editorial content and an expanded Tribes wiki page, we're proud to present the ARK Tribe Directory, a place where players can submit their Tribes to be listed on the wiki and receive a custom Tribe wiki page.

As the week continues, we'll update this page with more ARK Tribe Week content and news.

ARK Tribe Directory[]

The Tribe Directory displays Tribe Name, Tribe Leader, Server Name, and Focus. Each Tribe added to the Directory will receive its own wiki page, which includes information on Tribe Governance options, Tribe island location, and more.

Tribe Week Editorial Content on Gamepedia[]