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Admin Blink Rifle
Admin Blink Rifle
Admin tool for easily moving around the world, and some other misc tools
Stack size
Spawn Command
cheat gfi WeaponAdminBlinkRifle 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Extinction/Weapon_AdminBlinkRifle/PrimalItem_WeaponAdminBlinkRifle.PrimalItem_WeaponAdminBlinkRifle'" 1 0 0

The Admin Blink Rifle is a special weapon that will automatically get added to your inventory when enabling Creative Mode. It takes in the appearance of a Longneck Rifle Longneck Rifle with its skin replaced by a single tone of color as shown below.


It features 3 different modes (Rmb, LT, L2 to swap between modes):


Blink teleports in the direction you’re facing just like the Enforcer.


Inspect gives information

Use the Green Admin Rifle to see the IDs of the game's objects including structures, creatures, coordinates, etc. With the Structure IDs you can summon structures like dinos. Example: Cheat Summon PrimalItemStructure_StoneDoor_C Will summon a StoneDoor without an owner linked to it. Then use: Cheat Givetome to claim ownership. This is a manual and repetitive way of copying the likeness of the Structure Plus Mod. On the other hand it helps when placing the unused Wooden Stairs (One Level) (Primitive Plus) Wooden Stairs (One Level) (Primitive Plus).

Orange Red[]

Destroys creatures and structures in one shot (1 Million damage)


  • The gun will disappear when you go back into survival mode, however can be kept if you exit the Ark while in creative.
  • Entities can be targeted in Destroy and Inspect mode if the HUD is disabled, but it becomes increasingly difficult due it making the player look right of the target entity for it to work. A bug does occur where it will fire in random directions with the HUD disabled. The only clue that this is happening is if you’re close enough to hear the resulting destruction, or find random, otherwise unexplainable damage. Use caution, as this can instantly destroy ANYTHING, including rare and important items (including Obelisk Terminals), or support structures.


Structure IDs: Item IDs has more structures (If certain structures are not listed at the link above) has additional structures.