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General Info[]

The admin spectator mode was first introduced In V191 of ARK. It has added the ability for admins to freely roam around the map and teleport and follow players. This is an extremely useful tool for preventing greifing and maintaining servers. Additionally it could also be used as a content creation tool in order to achieve those hard to get shots of your in game creations. Admins can also make a password for other players to go into spectator mode.


Once you enter the spectator state your body will disapear and your inventory items will be erased as well. If you leave the game and rejoin it will carry on where you left off, thus using the command "stopspectating" is highly recommended. The latter will show the respawn map.


  • To enable spectator [For any admin]:
cheat enablespectator
  • To Disable spectatormode:

To use non-admin spectator, the server must specify a spectator password like so in the GameUserSettings.ini:

or via commandline

Then any client can use this console command:

requestspectator mypassword

Spectator Controls[]

Action Key(s)
Move forward/backward, left/right (like underwater) W, A, S, D
Ascend / Descend Space / C
Player-list Ctrl + N
Attach to player in front Left
Cycle through attached players /
Detach from player Space
Move fast ⇧ Shift
Move Slow Ctrl
Adjust Speed scroll Middle
Save Camera positions ⇧ Shift + F1 - F10
Jump to saved Camera positions F1 - F10


Walkthrough of spectator mode