Artifact of the Skylord
Artifact of the Skylord.png
Mastery of the skies confers a distinct advantage over earthbound competition.
Only one of these may be carried at a time by an organism.
Stack size
Spawn Command
cheat giveitemnum 151 1 0 0
cheat gfi Artifact_06 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Artifacts/PrimalItemArtifact_06.PrimalItemArtifact_06'" 1 0 0

The Artifact of the Skylord is one of the Artifacts in ARK: Survival Evolved. It's used in the Dragon tribute for all difficulties.

Map Location

For an interactive map of all artifacts and other exploration spots see the Explorer Maps for The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, Genesis: Part 1, and Crystal Isles.
Note that these maps currently may not work on mobile devices

The Island
North West Cave
The Center
South Ice Cave
Life's Labyrinth
The Great Trench
Crystal Isles
red: The artifact at lat 19.5, lon 18.3
white: Cave entrance at lat 19.3, lon 19.0

red: The artifact at lat 54.1, lon 20.9
white: Cave entrance at lat 60.0, lon 22.5

red: The artifact at lat 47.7, lon 78.9
white: Cave entrance at lat 51.6, lon77.5

red: The artifact at lat 13.4, lon 72.7
white: The Cave entrance at lat 8.9, lon 78.8
white: The Cave entrance at lat 9.3, lon 71.0
red: The artifact at lat 38.8, lon 44.8

Position Command

The Island

cheat setplayerpos -253000 -243200 -11500

The Center

cheat setplayerpos -328200 228000 -1900


cheat setplayerpos 378584 -30025 -6616


cheat setplayerpos 186134 -298484 -53727

Crystal Isles

cheat setplayerpos -88556 -159555 -11701 -74.05 -2.95

Tributing (Mobile)

In the mobile version of ARK, you can Tribute Cave Artifacts in order to receive Items and Blueprints. Different Artifacts have different loot tables. That artifact can give for you flak armor blueprints, mining helmet, grenades and revival platform.


  • Due to a bug, Artifact of the Skylord will not spawn naturally in the North West Cave on The Island in Single Player games.
    • This is yet to be repaired(Tested 31/07/2021). Use console command to obtain if needed.
    • It spawns on PS4 version in a Single Player game (20 Sept 2021)
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