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Disambig This article is about Ascension as a game mechanic. For the cave you have to complete in order to ascend, see Tek Cave.
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Ascension is the process of beating the last boss in ARK and ascending to the next level.

Ascension involves beating all the bosses of an official story of ARK, and discovering the true nature of the ARK. After a Survivor has beaten the Overseer, Manticore, Rockwell, the Corrupted Master Controller or Rockwell Prime, their maximum level is increased by 5, 10, or 15, depending on what difficulty one ascended on. Defeating King Titan doesn't increase the Survivor's maximum level.

Survivors are able to ascend on the following:

This allows Survivors to reach a maximum level of 190 (5 can be obtained by leveling 5 Chibi-Pets, another 10 by reading every survivor note, and another 10 by finding every rune on Fjordur).

Tek Cave[]

Disambig Main article: Tek Cave Tek Cave

The Tek Cave, located in the Volcano, is the final cave of the game and completing it and defeating the Overseer Boss will allow the player to undergo ascension. To access the cave, you need the Broodmother, Megapithecus and Dragon trophy of the appropriate rank, which in turn require you to have already acquired all the artifacts (or fought the bosses with somebody who did). Ascensions above Gamma require you to also have the special drops from Alpha Creatures.

Upon defeating Overseer, the survivor's Specimen Implant will change into their respective type after returning to Island, along with the additional prefix "(Difficulty) Ascension". This is also shown whenever any inventory is accessed.

Ascension on Aberration[]

Disambig Main article: Rockwell Rockwell

With the introduction of Aberration, up to 15 additional levels can be gained for defeating Rockwell depending on its difficulty, located below the Grave of the Lost in its terminal (or in multiplayer servers at any of the damaged obelisk at surface as well as loot crates). To access the Arena, you need the three Artifacts (Artifact of the Depths, Artifact of the Shadows and Artifact of the Stalker). Ascensions at Beta requires specific drops, and ascensions at Alpha require you to also have the three special drops from Alpha Creatures.

Upon defeating Rockwell, the survivor's Specimen Implant will be mutated with their respective color icons depending on the difficulty (Green for Gamma, blue for Beta, and orange for Alpha) at upper-left corner of the implant, along with the additional prefix "(Difficulty) Aberrant" (If Tek Cave Ascension is completed, the text will appear at the right after the comma). The Aberrant light glow on the implant will show its respective pattern as well.

Ascension on Extinction[]

Disambig Main article: King Titan King Titan

With Extinction being accessible through the Aberration Ascension, the plot thickens. To be able to access and defeat the King Titan King Titan, you have to find its terminal located at the Forbidden Zone. Unlike the other Bosses and like Overseer, the three Trophies of the Titans along with other drops are required. While there is no level requirement to activate the fight, it is recommended that one comes prepared, especially as the zone containing the terminal is teeming with Corrupted Creatures Corrupted Creatures.

Upon defeating King Titan King Titan, the survivor's Specimen Implant Specimen Implant is permanently removed, and in place, Homo Deus Record Homo Deus Record takes over the slot. Unlike previous Ascensions, the item remains the same regardless of the difficulty you faced, with only difference being the record labeled as "Gamma", "Beta" or "Alpha" based on the difficulty of the King Titan King Titan that was defeated. Unlike the other version, this does not give any additional level. However, if you don't stay in the area, the ascension won't apply.

Ascension on Genesis: Part 1[]

With Genesis: Part 1 being accessible through VR, more levels can be added in the survivor. To access the boss battle against the Corrupted Master Controller, you have to interact with HLN-A to pick "The Final Test". Unlike the other Bosses, the survivor initiating the battle must have cleared enough missions for its relevant difficulty.

Upon defeating the Master Controller, the survivor's Specimen Implant will have an additional attachment on their implant based on the difficulty at the upper-right hand corner of the implant, without any prefix and, like previous ascensions, will add in additional levels. However, if King Titan was already killed with the survivor, it will not show up, as Homo-Deus Record will be in the Implant place instead.

Ascension on Genesis: Part 2[]

Disambig Main article: Rockwell Prime Rockwell Prime

With Genesis: Part 2 accessible inside the corrupted insides of Genesis Ship, more levels can be added in the survivor. To access the boss battle against Rockwell in his prime state, you have to reach the mission terminal found below the heart inside the Void.

Upon defeating Rockwell Prime, the survivor's Specimen Implant will have a summoning icon below in the inventory with no additional prefixes. This does not show up on their arm, regardless whether or not they have already killed King Titan. Like other ascensions however, this adds in additional level.


There are 3 achievements to be unlocked by ascending on The Island, awarding skins and hairstyles in addition to a higher level cap.

Achievement Gamma Ascension
Xbox One
Epic Games
Gamma Ascension

You ascended off the ARK, at Gamma level!

Achievement Beta Ascension
Xbox One
Epic Games
Beta Ascension

You ascended off the ARK, at Beta Level!

Achievement Alpha Ascension
Xbox One
Epic Games
Alpha Ascension

You ascended off the ARK, at Alpha level!

ARK Code[]

A code can be seen during ascension, it can be decoded here.


Lowercase Alphabet Uppercase Alphabet Symbols
Character Code Character Code Character Code
a dsad A daad 0 awaa
b dsas B daas 1 awad
c dsaw C daaw 2 awas
d dsda D dada 3 awaw
e dsdd E dadd 4 awda
f dsds F dads 5 awdd
g dsdw G dadw 6 awds
h dssa H dasa 7 awdw
i dssd I dasd 8 awsa
j dsss J dass 9 awsd
k dssw K dasw : awss
l dswa L dawa ; awsw
m dswd M dawd < awwa
n dsws N daws = awwd
o dsww O daww > awws
p dwaa P ddaa ? awww
q dwad Q ddad ! asad
r dwas R ddas " asas
s dwaw S ddaw # asaw
t dwda T ddda $ asda
u dwdd U dddd % asdd
v dwds V ddds & asds
w dwdw W dddw ' asdw
x dwsa X ddsa ( assa
y dwsd Y ddsd ) assd
z dwss Z ddss * asss
+ assw
, aswa
- aswd
. asws
/ asww

Code translations during Ascension[]

Before transfer
Location Translation
ARK Transfer Panel
(Gamma ascension on single player)
Experiment Group 4 Trial 6174

Observation Facility Transfer

Security Protocol: Gamma

After transfer
Location Translation
First Room
Holobanner Observation Deck

Testing Facility


Dragon Panel Fire Lizard

Status: Dormant


Megapithecus Panel Giant Ape

Status: Dormant


Broodmother Panel Broodmother

Status: Dormant


Second Room
Holo Banner Prehistorical Species
Control Panel Extra Hominid Preservation Record: Extinct
Third Room
Holo Banner Ancestral Records
Control Panel Homo Sapiens Preservation Record: Extinct
Fourth Room
Holo Banner Homo Deus
Control Panel Homo Deus Colonist Group 1327: Endangered



  • Although ascension is impossible on Valguero, Ragnarok, The Center, and Crystal Isles, you can still use admin commands to ascend. Almost every ascension is possible through admin commands on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
    • Gamma: cheat playercommand Ascend1
    • Beta: cheat playercommand Ascend2
    • Alpha: cheat playercommand Ascend3
    • Aberration Gamma: cheat playercommand AbAscend1
    • Aberration Beta: cheat playercommand AbAscend2
    • Aberration Alpha: cheat playercommand AbAscend3
    • Extinction Gamma: cheat playercommand EXTAscend1
    • Extinction Beta: cheat playercommand EXTAscend2
    • Extinction Alpha: cheat playercommand EXTAscend3
    • Genesis Part 1 Gamma: cheat playercommand Genascend1
    • Genesis Part 1 Beta: cheat playercommand Genascend2
    • Genesis Part 1 Alpha: cheat playercommand Genascend3
    • Genesis Part 2 Gamma: cheat playercommand Gen2Ascend1
    • Genesis Part 2 Beta: cheat playercommand Gen2Ascend2
    • Genesis Part 2 Alpha: cheat playercommand Gen2Ascend3
  • Forcing Ascension on Scorched Earth will force the player back to the Main Menu and result in some items missing. put your items into a container before proceeding
    • Ascending a lower Ascension such as Beta after Alpha glitches out the Character's Profile resulting in issues such as the game crashing on a second log in during the play session.
  • Ascended characters cannot enter maps with item download disabled through character download without removing their gears first in another server.