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Bay of Hope
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Bay of Hope is a region in Ragnarok.


Peaceful starting area with no carnivores until you venture south towards the Redwoods or west towards the Wyvern Trench.


At spawn, you can find Dodo, Gallimimus, Trike, Ovis, Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, and Equus. Within the bay area, you may also find Megalodon, Manta, and even Basilosaurus.

Just a bit south near the Redwoods, you can find Pteranodon, Pelagornis, Megatherium, Doedicurus, Dire Bear, Megaloceros, Terror Bird, Carnotaurus, Microraptor, Troodon, and rarely Thylacoleo, but there are not larger trees for the Thylacoleo to pounce from.

A short distance west is the Wyvern Trench that is home to Poison, Fire, and Lightning Wyverns. On the way to the trench, you will also find Mantis, Dung Beetle, Araneo, and Athropluera.


Rarely, you may find a Unicorn or Giganotosaurus alongside the northern part of the bay area.

Coelacanth are also rare in this region.



Plenty of starter level wood, thatch, and stone available.

Plenty of shrubs to get berries.


There are a few metal deposits and silk patches as you head up west from the beach.

Some silica pearls can be found once you get a water mount that can swim down to the bay area floor.


Low amounts of black pearl opportunities.

No crystals in the immediate area until you make your way over by the Wyvern trench, but even then it can be dangerous with the Wyverns and other aggressive species around.

No oil in the immediate area, including oil veins and oil rocks unless you do deep sea diving.


This can be a great early game base starting area where you can build in peace, without having to deal with any predators. The scenery is quite nice with the lighthouse at the top of the hill near the bay area.

This area is colder than you would think. Sometimes you may find yourself needing to light 2 or 3 fires to keep you from freezing to death in your Cloth or Ghillie armor. Recommend wearing Hide armor until you are able to craft Fur armor. Gather lots of materials during the daylight so that when it is night time, you can spend your nights indoors and still craft items while staying warm with a fire going.

This this is a slower paced mid-game/late-game spot. Lots of traveling for large amounts of wood, hide, and metal will be required when crafting saddles, wood/stone/metal building pieces, and other items that require a higher amount of resources. Argentavis do not spawn anywhere near this area, so traveling with a large amount of resources will be cumbersome. Recommend exploring Ragnarok to find an Argentavis (saddle at level 62), and then getting yourself an Ankylosaurus unless you are willing to make the long walk back to base, as well as to and from the metal nodes.

Take caution when approaching the Snow biome near the bay. Parts of the nearest Snow biome are uninhabitable even with wearing a full fur armor and having your Fortitude at 10. You will get the frozen debuff and your health will drain rapidly from the harsh temperatures. Fur is easy enough to come by with all the Ovis nearby, but Giant Bee Honey (used in Sweet Vegetable Cake recipe to tame Ovis) can only be obtained from the other side of the map.