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Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Place this Cake on a table and blow out its candles to make a wish (then eat it). Or you can put it in a Cooking Pot for...
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Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Halloween/PrimalItemStructure_BirthdayCake.PrimalItemStructure_BirthdayCake'" 1 0 0

The Birthday Cake is a Birthday item. It appears only during the ARK: Awesome Anniversary event.

It can be placed only on a Wooden Table Table. It has two actions:

Make a Wish[]

The candle is now blown out. You can hear the well known Happy Birthday song, see some kind of indoor firework and a text:

Happy Ark Anniversary!
Thank you so much to all survivors
for making ARK's first year such a success!
We love you all!
- Your Studio Wildcard

You will also get one of these items:

Eat the Cake[]

The cake disappears and you will get an XP boost like the Broth of Enlightenment Broth of Enlightenment for 1200 seconds.


  • The cake can also be placed on Boats, and Platform Saddles. This might be a bug.
  • Making a wish appears to have a cool down timer or gets reset after a server restart, people have been able to make a wish again after some time.
  • There is currently no way to actually remove a cake unless you destroy whatever the cake is on - except from simply eating it. If they are directly on a Boat or Platform Saddle, you will not be able to destroy it or unclaim the thing it's on, dino or boat. You can also use the command Cheat DestroyMyTarget to get rid of it.