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A player has many regions that you can set when creating your character. These can also be changed with the SetTargetPlayerBodyVal Console Commands#SetTargetPlayerBodyVal and SetTargetPlayerColorVal Console Commands#SetTargetPlayerColorVal. Use examples below to learn how to use them.


admincheat SetTargetPlayerBodyVal [Region #] [Size #] (0 10) will make the active target player's head bigger.

Needs upload and download the character to see the changes applied.

ID Description
0 Head Size
1 Neck Size
2 Neck Length
3 Chest
4 Shoulders (Width)
5 Arm Length
6 Upper Arm (Width)
7 Lower Arm (Width)
8 Hand Size
9 Leg Length
10 Upper Leg (Width)
11 Lower Leg (Width)
12 Foot Size
13 Hip Width
14 Torso Width
15 Upper Face Size
16 Lower Face Size
17 Torso Depth
18 Head Height
19 Head Width
20 Head Depth
21 Torso Height


admincheat SetTargetPlayerColorVal [Region #] [Color #] (0,1) will make change character's skin color.


SetTargetPlayerColorVal <ColorValIndex> <ColorVal> 

Cheat: Yes
Target: Target
Added: 201.4

Name Type Description
ColorValIndex Integer[32] 0 : body, 1 : hair, 2 : eyes
ColorVal Float For eyes: 0 is yellow-ish, 0.4 is green-blue-ish, 0.5 is green 0.7 is orange, 0.8 is red

Description: Changes the color of various parts of the body. Does not use Color IDs, but a percentage of the slider seen at character creation.
Compatible with gaming consoles: Unknown


  • In Single Player mode, you can use another controller to play as another Survivor to look at your main character, when using the Admin Command.
  • As an Admin in a Private Server, after using the command the other player has to die or respawn to update the changes.
  • Another command that relate to customization is:

admincheat renameplayer "[online player's current name]" [newname]