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Bracken Institution
Bracken Institution (Extinction).jpg
A Tek ruin on the top of the Mt. Bracken
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The Bracken Institution is a region in the Extinction DLC.


It's a Tek ruin on the top of the Mt. Bracken. The entrance is at (37.6/89.7), after having followed the slopes from the Water Main, southern east from the Snow Dome.

You can build everywhere but beware of the very close boundaries.


No creature seems to spawn here, but some can come from the Mt. Bracken just underneath.

Very Common[]



Very Uncommon[]


Very Rare[]


There's no Water Source.

From Local Creatures[]



  • This is where the ARKs are being controlled, as hinted at by Diana in a Diana Log #17.
  • This is where both Diana and Mei-Yin find out about the Element Toxicity Rating, how the Titans are maintaining it and how it is too high for the ARKs to handle. This pushes them to head in the direction of Arat Prime, a location that is associated with the Genesis Simulation and Genesis-Ship.