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The Carniflora (CAR-nee-floor-uh) is an aggressive plant predator in Genesis: Part 2 that grabs onto anything small enough that gets near it. It cannot be grown by the player.


Anything it grabs will instantly be killed, but it seems to have difficulty trying to devour the Human as it has shown a large amount of resistance, instead inflicting torpor after spitting it out.

The following can be grabbed (and instantly killed):

Moreover, it can't seem to grab the survivor if they are on a specific dino or vehicle (although it will attempt to if brought too close). The following dino or creatures/vehicles confer them immunity towards Carniflora:


Below are all of the Carniflora locations for Genesis: Part 2. For a larger map including the other resources, see the Strategic Resource Map.

Genesis Part 2 Map.jpg


How to fight[]

While it is impervious to most damage, anything that causes fire will harm it.

These creature and/or weapon are capable of harming Carniflora:


  • You can spawn Carniflora with console command: cheat summon venusflytrap_bp_c
  • It is modeled after the Venus Flytrap, which also acts as its code name.
  • It is one of the few plants in the game that can attack the player. The other being Plant Species X.
  • Can be harvested for Raw Meat, Spoiled Meat, Black Pearls, and Element Shards. However, be wary of pale colored ones alone or in clusters as these variants will grab any unsuspecting survivor.
  • The Tek Helmet will not detect their existence due to being considered an emplacement, The only way to differentiate from Enemy and Resource is that an Enemy is animated. Alternatively you may chuck a Dodo at it.


Patch Changes
329.5 Carniflora is added to the game.
329.51 Updated the Venus Fly Trap HUD.