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Carnivorous Caverns
Carnivorous Caverns (Ragnarok)
A huge, foggy cavern.
Ragnarok Topographic Map
17.7° Lat,  42.4° Lon
21.1° Lat,  40.4° Lon
21.8° Lat,  42.2° Lon
Artifact of the Cunning
Artifact of the Cunning
20.2° Lat, 46.0° Lon
Artifact of the Immune
Artifact of the Immune
23.7° Lat, 44.5° Lon

The Carnivorous Caverns are an insanely huge, dark cave system full of Megalosaurus under the Freyja Plains.


The Artifact of the Cunning and Artifact of the Immune are found here.

This cave is also connected to the The Water Tunnels

There are five entrances:

The Artifact of the Cunning is surrounded by light crystals in a small room over a side passage and can only be obtained using a Grappling Hook or Climbing Pick.

The Artifact of the Immune is located in a large room near the Bio-luminescent Cavern.

Safe Havens[]

At (19.1, 43.3) and (19.0, 41.7) there is a small safe haven with light and plants. Here you can collect Fiber Fiber, Berries Berries, and Wood Wood. Here you can also check the time of day through the skylight, which is perfect for finding out if the Megalosauruses are active.

Bio-luminescent Cavern[]

This part of the cavern is still the same as the rest with the exception of tree roots, moss, and the fact that you can see due to the bio-luminescent mushrooms on the walls. The Artifact of the Immune is found in this part near the safe havens.

Safe Haven[]

At (23.6, 45.2), (23.3, 41.3), and (22.5, 42.6) there is a small safe havens just like the ones listed above.

At (22.2, 44.1) there is a huge safe haven, or oasis, with a large pond in the center and a big skylight. In the pond you can find many large Obsidian Obsidian rocks.


  • Insane darkness, especially in some waterways
  • Getting lost
  • Unseen creatures, but ones that can see you
  • Mega Rabies from a Megalania

Recommended Equipment[]



Only in the Safe Havens[]


  • Due to the safe havens, you can actually live in this cave, solely, up to metal tier!
  • Like many non-dungeon caves in Ragnarok, fliers are allowed to fly here, making Artifact retrieval easier.