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Castle of the Swamp
Castle of the Swamp (Ragnarok).jpg
An abandoned castle.
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Castle of the Swamp, or The Haunted Castle is a dilapidated castle in the middle of Ragnarok.


In the basement there is a flooded passage to the Carnivorous Caverns (at 21.2, 40.4). The castle is a very dangerous area for low-level and even mid-level players. The castle has huge swarms of Araneos, Onycs, and Pulminoscorpious, and have abnormally high levels up to 500 in default. It's recommended to bring high-quality shotguns and Flak armor when exploring the castle. Below the castle is a small swamp. The swamp is home to Sarcos, Dimetrodons, Leeches, and other creatures. Even Baryoynx can be found in the swamp. Can be a good spot for building a base, if you have the right preparations.




  • Onyc and Araneos have higher levels than the server max wild dino is set at.
    • As with most cave Creatures, these creatures are untameable.
  • If you wish to build here, keep in mind there is no 6x damage inside of the passage in the castle connecting to the Carnivorous Caverns.
  • The best way to build a base here is to place multiple thatch foundations on each floor and on the pillars surrounding the castle, preventing all future dino spawns.
  • The swamp is home to a surprising number of Kaprosuchus, so exploring here on foot is not advised.
  • The Allosaurus pack may spawn in a small patch of grass within the walls of the castle, making them unable to move and thus easy to pick off.
  • You can place a well in the castle garden if you want to grow Crops.
  • You don't have to go into the basement when you first move into the castle. It's completely optional and easily ignorable until you are ready.
  • If you have access to a high quality Sword, you most likely won't need a Metal Shield, just bring along a Wooden Shield and rush the spiders to block their webs.
  • The basement is dark and if you wish to clear it out, it is recommended to use a weapon with a flashlight attachment.
  • You can lock off the upper floors with behemoth gates, but the main floor requires a dinosaur gateway.
  • The castle basement is not considered a cave. The passage simply leads into the Carnivorous Caverns.
  • You have to repair the bridge yourself, but it will require you jumping from one section to another.
  • If you are afraid of a raid place behemoths on the bridge and hide C4 underneath the different self-built segments. The gates will make it harder to get through and prevent raiders from constructing their own bridge.
  • Place turrets or plants on the upper floors to prevent flyers.