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There are two types of caves that can be found in ARK: Progression Caves and Resources Caves, the latter caves being found underwater on The Island and most regions of Ragnarok. Some are easy to explore, others extremely difficult. If you survive the dangers of the caves, however, they each contain a variety of resources to obtain.

Progression Caves[]

  • CaveC
    Artifact Of The Clever Central Cave
  • CaveNW
    Artifact Of The Skylord North West Cave
  • CaveLS
    Artifact Of The Hunter Lower South Cave
  • CaveNE
    Artifact Of The Devourer North East Cave
  • CaveUS
    Artifact Of The Pack Upper South Cave
  • Lava Cave
    Artifact Of The Massive Lava Cave
  • CaveSwamp
    Artifact Of The Immune Swamp Cave
  • CaveSnow
    Artifact Of The Strong Snow Cave
  • The Caverns of Lost Hope
    Artifact Of The Cunning The Caverns of Lost Hope
  • The Caverns of Lost Faith
    Artifact Of The Brute The Caverns of Lost Faith
  • Tek Cave Inside2
    Overseer Tek Cave


Map The Island
Difficulty: Green = Standard; Red = Hard
Cyan = Standard Underwater; Blue = Hard Underwater.

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Central Clever (Broodmother Broodmother) 41.5 46.9 -23038 -67442 -9 10 Green Crate, 25 Blue Crate
North West Skylord (Dragon Dragon) 19.3 19.0 -247569 -245067 -11330 40 Yellow Crate, 55 Red Crate
Lower South Hunter (Broodmother Broodmother) 80.3 53.5 28709 242292 -13245 10 Green Crate
North East Devourer (Megapithecus Megapithecus) 14.7 85.4 283225 -281474 -13441 25 Blue Crate, 55 Red Crate
Upper South Pack (Megapithecus Megapithecus) 68.2 56.2 49630 145933 -13404 25 Blue Crate
Lava Cave Massive (Broodmother Broodmother) 70.6 86.1 288663 164598 -14126 25 Blue Crate, 40 Yellow Crate
Swamp Cave Immune (Dragon Dragon) 62.7 37.3 -101583 101617 -5167 25 Blue Crate, 40 Yellow Crate, 70 Red Crate
Snow Cave Strong (Dragon Dragon) 29.1 31.8 -144083 -164621 24 25 Blue Crate, 40 Yellow Crate, 55 Red Crate
The Caverns of Lost Faith Brute (Megapithecus Megapithecus) 53.7 10.4 -315928 29403 -41974 50 Blue Crate, 60 Yellow Crate, 70 Red Crate
The Caverns of Lost Hope Cunning (Dragon Dragon) 45.9 88.9 303017 -29089 -33983 50 Blue Crate, 60 Yellow Crate, 70 Red Crate
Tek Cave N/A 43.1 39.1 -87011 -54601 33489 N/A


Note that the Hard Caves spawn creatures at extremely high levels (often exceeding 250), and that these creatures are untameable. Creatures within The Caverns of Lost Faith are also untameable, but spawn at standard levels.

Terrestrial Entrances
Underwater Entrances

  • South East Cave (The Center)
    Artifact Of The Immune Jungle Cave
  • North Ice Cave Room2a
    Artifact Of The Clever Artifact Of The Devourer North Ice Cave
  • South Ice Cave TC
    Artifact Of The Skylord South Ice Cave
  • West Lava Cave (The Center)
    Artifact Of The Hunter Lava Oasis Cave
  • LavaCave (The Center)
    Artifact Of The Massive Artifact Of The Strong LavaCave
  • SE Trench TC
    Artifact Of The Brute Southeastern Trench
  • The Center Cave Inside
    Artifact Of The Devious The Center Cave
  • Cliffside Cavern (The Center)
    Artifact Of The Cunning Cliffside Cavern
  • UW TC
    Artifact Of The Pack Underground World


The Center Topographic Map

Difficulty: Green = Standard; Red = Hard; Gray = unknown difficulty; Cyan = Standard Underwater

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Lava Oasis Hunter 15.8 50.5 -44160 -139351 -10250 ?
South Ice Skylord 60.0 22.5 -312960 284261 -4150 ?
Lava Massive, Strong 11.2 67.4 118080 -183437 -2500 ?
North Ice Clever, Devourer 18.7 29.7 -243840 -111557 8000 ?
Southeastern Trench Brute 69.1 92.2 356160 371475 -120000 ?

Jungle Cave[]

Entrances Lat Lon X Y Z
Land 54.2 62.7 72960 228647 -3750
Ruins 46.3 63.1 76800 152961 -13550
Flyer-accessible 52.5 67.7 120960 212381 -3500
Underwater River 45.0 64.0 85440 140501 -19000
Ocean 50.8 71.3 155520 196088 -14500

The Center Cave[]

Entrances Lat Lon X Y Z
Top 35.9 34.4 -198720 53287 -4700
Beneath 1 40.3 31.1 -230400 95456 -25000
Beneath 2 36.4 35.0 -192960 58079 -25000

Cliffside Cavern[]

Entrances Lat Lon X Y Z
Flyer 36.0 2.0 -509760 54245 -61150
Land 1 58.1 12.8 -406080 266051 -53900
Land 2 21.0 13.5 -399360 -89514 -63700

Underground World[]

Entrances Lat Lon X Y Z
Flyer-accessible 34.9 65.8 102720 43703 4000
Ruins 1 34.3 53.3 -17280 37952 -13900
Ruins 2 53.5 53.8 -12480 221965 -10750
Underwater River 1 32.7 64.1 86400 22618 -16000
Underwater River 2 44.2 58.0 27840 132834 -16000
Underwater Ocean 66.1 51.7 -32640 343296 -45000



Small Caves[]

The Center Topographic Map
Small Cave Locations

Lat Lon X Y Z
01 29.7 54.0 -10560 -6134 -10250
02 26.1 64.7 92160 -40636 -9120
03-1 26.9 65.9 103680 -32969 -9850
03-2 26.4 67.0 114240 -37761 -11500
04 29.1 61.3 59520 -11884 -4520
05 30.0 63.0 76672 -3259 -9550
06 35.1 67.4 118080 45620 -12000
07-1 33.5 52.3 -26800 30285 -3683
07-2 33.3 50.0 -48960 28369 ?
08 38.5 64.3 88320 78205 ?
09 40.3 60.9 55680 95457 ?
10 40.9 57.9 26800 101207 ?
11 42.6 56.6 14400 117500 ?
12 46.9 14.0 -394560 158711 ?
13-1 89.4 38.5 -159360 566031 ?
13-2 96.9 38.6 -158400 637911 ?
14 82.5 53.5 -15360 499901 ?
15 94.2 68.7 130560 612034 ?

  • Grave of the Tyrants Interior ScE
    Artifact of the Crag Grave of the Tyrants
  • The Old Tunnels Catacomb ScE
    Artifact of the Gatekeeper Old Tunnels
  • Ruins of Nosti Void ScE
    Artifact of the Destroyer Ruins of Nosti


Scorched Earth Topographic Map

Green = Standard Difficulty

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Grave Of The Tyrants Crag 28.5 29.4 -164800 -172000 15700 ?
Old Tunnels Gatekeeper 58.8 47.9 -16800 70400 -15100 ?
Ruins Of Nosti Destroyer 77.9 75.7 205600 223200 -15100 ?


Note that Achatina spawn as high-levelled varients, similar to the creatures found within The Island's Swamp and Snow caves. Unlike The Island however, these Achatina are tameable.

This page only lists the Dungeons and important Caves of Ragnarok. For a list of all caves in Ragnarok please visit this page: Caves (Ragnarok)

  • The Monkey's Puzzle (Ragnarok)
    Artifact of the Strong The Monkey's Puzzle
  • Fallen Redwood Cave (Ragnarok)
    Artifact of the Brute Fallen Redwood Cave
  • Carnivorous Caverns (Ragnarok)
    Artifact of the Cunning Artifact of the Immune Carnivorous Caverns
  • Ragnarok Jungle Dungeon
    Artifact of the Hunter Lava Elemental Jungle Dungeon
  • Ragnarok Frozen Dungeon
    Artifact of the Pack Iceworm Queen Frozen Dungeon
  • Life's Labyrinth (Ragnarok)
    Artifact of the Skylord Artifact of the Devious Artifact of the Massive Artifact of the Clever Spirit Dire Bear Spirit Direwolf Life's Labyrinth


Ragnarok Topographic Map

Green = Standard; Red = Hard; Gray = unknown difficulty

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
The Monkey's Puzzle Strong 24.6 25.0 -327500 -332740 1900 N/A
Life's Labyrinth Skylord, Devious, Massive, Clever 51.6 77.5 361050 21360 -2600 ?


Note that all creatures inside these caves are high-leveled, untameable variants, similar to the creatures found within The Island's Swamp and Snow caves.

  • Old Railway Cave (Aberration)
    Artifact of the Depths (Aberration) Old Railway Cave
  • Hidden Grotto (Aberration)
    Artifact of the Shadows (Aberration) Hidden Grotto
  • Elemental Vault (Aberration)
    Artifact of the Stalker (Aberration) Elemental Vault


Aberration Map

Green = Standard; Red = Hard; gray = unknown difficulty

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Old Railway Cave Depths 48.3 27.2 -178400 -13600 43000 ?
Hidden Grotto Shadows 55.2 65.9 127200 41600 18000 ?
Elemental Vault Stalker 82.4 48.2 -14400 259200 13500 ?


Despite having a large cave opening, dinosaurs classified as flying cannot be mounted within the cave. There are exceptions to this limitation however.

  • Desert Cave (Extinction)
    Artifact of Chaos (Extinction) Desert Titan Desert Cave
  • Extinction Forest Cave middle section
    Artifact of Growth (Extinction) Forest Titan Forest Cave
  • Ice cave 4
    Artifact of the Void (Extinction) Ice Titan Ice Cave


Extinction Topographic Map

Green = Standard; Red = Hard; gray = unknown difficulty

Cave Artifact Lat Lon X Y Z Loot Crate Lvl
Desert Cave Chaos 87.4 70.4 163200 299200 ? ?
Forest Cave Growth 11.8 39.3 -85600 -305600 ? ?
Ice Cave Void 20.3 62.2 97600 -237600 ? ?


  • Valguero 7
    Artifact of the Skylord The Great Trench
  • The Lair (Valguero)
    Artifact of the Strong Artifact of the Immune Artifact of the Pack Broodmother The Lair
  • The Lost Temple (Valguero)
    Artifact of the Brute Artifact of the Devourer The Lost Temple
  • The Unknown (Valguero)
    Artifact of the Gatekeeper (Scorched Earth) The Unknown


Resource Caves[]

Disambig Resource Caves are referred to as "Underwater Caverns" in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

Cavern: A cave, or a chamber in a cave, typically a large one.

There are currently 12 Resource Caves on The Island, and are all found underwater. These caves can often be difficult to find, but often contain a dense collection of Silica Pearls Silica Pearls and Oil Oil, although the latter of which provide less oil than nodes found elsewhere in the game. The only indication of the position from the surface is a small flow of bubbles, appearing as a thin white line. On lower graphics settings, a grey box can be seen on the ocean floor from the surface around the cave's entrance.

The entrances to the resource caves also appears to be a spawn location for pairs of Plesiosaur Plesiosaurs, who tend to linger in the area, as well as a singular Mosasaurus Mosasaurus, which in turn tend to linger near to the Plesiosaur Plesiosaurs.

Map The Island
Resource Cave Locations

Lat Lon X Y Z
01 16.0 10.4 -316800 -272000 -37010
02 10.2 21.8 -225600 -318400 -41500
03 10.5 39.9 -80800 -316000 -41800
04 08.0 90.1 320800 -336000 -45000
05 36.2 91.1 -311200 800 -45300
06 50.1 11.1 334400 22400 -42560
07 52.8 91.8 -320000 266400 -45500
08 83.3 10.0 -291200 327200 -42000
09 90.9 13.6 -291200 327200 -45900
10 90.1 36.7 -106400 320800 -45000
11 90.7 71.4 171200 325600 -45000
12 87.1 90.2 321600 296800 -44800



  • The Abyss (Valguero)
    The Abyss
  • The Emerald Forest (Valguero)
    The Emerald Forest




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Surface Caves[]

These are general cave tips. For tips on specific caves, please visit their individual pages.

  • Take Stimberry Stimberry or better yet Stimulant Stimulants and Water Jar Water Jars or if you are a high enough level Canteen Canteen. Some progression caves require multiple Canteen Canteens.
  • Hide or Fur armor is helpful for many, but not all caves. Chitin or Metal (Flak) is great if you have an available Smithy.
  • Set up a small base at the beginning of a cave with a Simple Bed Simple Bed and a chest with tools, weapons, armor, a Smithy Smithy and a Refining Forge Refining Forge. If possible, in single player you can use a Argentavis Argentavis as a smithy IN the cave. Or on multiplayer you can use a Castoroides Castoroides
  • Most of the creatures found in caves are non-tamable (mostly Achatina Achatina), except for a few cases or caves such as Megalosaurus Megalosaurus, Dung Beetle Dung Beetle or Glowtail Glowtail.
    • Because there are no Achatina Achatina spawns outside of caves in Scorched Earth , caves are the only place you can tame them in. They do however provide higher max tame levels, meaning you won't have to feed them as much as when they were tamed on other maps.
  • Grappling Hook Grappling Hooks are useful for avoiding creatures, getting a good vantage point, and to not have to bring foundations and ceilings to bridge gaps. However, not all caves will permit its uses.
  • In some caves that are very tough, one may use a Auto Turret Auto Turret on wild creatures to clear the cave to make it easier. However, be mindful as some respawn area will immediately respawn creatures the instant the area is brought to stasis.
  • Flyers brought into the cave under any method will not be mountable, even with saddle. Oddly, Climbers can still climb upwards.
  • Aberration Climbing Pick (Aberration) Climbing Pick (Aberration)s and Glider Suit (Aberration) Glider Suit (Aberration) are also a big help even though all caves can be traversed without these.
  • Cryopod Cryopod allows bringing of creatures into previously inaccessible area due to the opening of the caves. However, some creatures that are too big to fit inside will not be released out of the cryopod. This includes areas whereby the size are strictly fittable only for survivors and smaller.
  • Bringing a Parasaur and using its turret mode can be very helpful in identifying enemies and potential tames. For example, Megalania can be hard to spot without turret mode, and Dung Beetles may accidentally be killed if not identified first through turret mode.
    • Bring a friend if trying this so you can identify enemies on the move. A Parasaur is also very weak, so an escort is needed.
    • Since a Parasaur is a pack animal, it can also help bring out the valuable Crystal and Obsidian.

Underwater Caves[]

  • Lazarus Chowder Lazarus Chowder will supply you Oxygen while underwater for a certain amount of seconds, to allow you to dive for longer times, making it easier to find the entrance. A SCUBA Tank SCUBA Tank or a powered Tek Helmet Tek Helmet could also help with this, then no oxygen is ever needed! Though, the SCUBA Tank SCUBA Tank will slowly lose durabillity as it's in use, and element, for the Tek Helmet Tek Helmet.
  • Riding a Megalodon Megalodon can help against other Sharks and allows you very quick movement in the water. They are also a good way to spot the bubbles from the surface. It is advised to bring it with a pack, as wild Megalodon are never seen alone in underwater caves and with a pack boost, will easily shred even the most resilient of Megalodon.
  • If you have a Tribemate with a Pteranodon Pteranodon, Argentavis Argentavis or Tropeognathus Tropeognathus, they can transport you directly to the location of the cave and drop you down, avoiding most of the swim, and with that, most of the Megalodons on the way to the cave. Once finished the Pteranodon, Argentavis or Tropeognathus can pick you up again from the water surface. This is also a very resource friendly method, as it allows you to go down with minimum armor and weapons, as fighting can be reduced to a minimum. That way, the loss of dying is less of a setback. This method does, however, require you to have found the entrance beforehand.
  • Riding a Sarco allows you to use a single mount as they can move quick both in water and on the ground. Moreover, it's faster than a Megalodon, has near instant stamina regeneration under water and can fit in most underwater caves, making it safer while gathering resources. Be wary of any Tusoteuthis that spawns within the cave, as their range can grab onto the Sarco.
  • Eurypterids can spawn in groups (3-5 at once) in even small underwater caves as of patch 246. Be prepared to deal with their stings!
  • Cryopod Cryopod allows bringing of creatures into previously inaccessible area due to the opening of the caves. However, some creatures that are too big to fit inside will not be released out of the cryopod. Care for the Cryo Cooldown though (due to possible constant uses), as wild dinos inside the caves that are aggressive will still attack dino under Cryo Sickness, which will result in a swift death due to damage multiplier towards dino under that state.
  • Megachelon Megachelon can give constant oxygen to land creatures that excels under water and requires to be constantly underwater, but does not have infinite oxygen (Good example is Baryonyx Baryonyx. However, due to their sheer size, are only limited at certain areas underwater within the underwater cave, even with Cryopods.
  • Bloodstalker Bloodstalker swims fast for a land creature while submerged, but is incredibly frail (cannot attack underwater) and has lower oxygen that most other creature.


  • There is a large flat faced rock that looks like it could be a cave entrance on the South haven island cliff face. Could be another cave in the future.
  • Building a base in an underwater cave will stop resource spawning in that cave.
  • In the North Ice Cave on The Center, one of the two parts (the part with the Artifact of the Devourer) of the cave's crystal nodes are invisible (can still be farmed normally with a pick).
    • This is especially detrimental when trying to get to one of the places that spawns a loot crate, which is along a long, thin corridor that is littered with spiders, wolves, sabertooths, and Yetis (possibly one of the most concentrated areas of aggressive creatures in the game).
    • These nodes can block movement, bullets, arrows, etc. but can be helpful as it blocks some creatures against walls, while other nodes can act as walls, allowing you to be unseen as long as it is between you and a creature.
  • When holding H, Windows, or Touch Pad, you can see that each cave has its own location. The Tek Cave is “The Belly of the Beast.” The South East cave is “Lava Cave.”
  • In Aberration, there was supposedly a fourth cave planned, but was eventually scrapped after the DLC is released. The names still exist in the database, however. This makes it the first and only official cave to not be implemented into the official DLC map.
  • A Managarmr can pounce into the pearl cave and easily wipe your base so build smart and survive.
  • If you are playing as a female character you can hear male character starving sound in caves on The Island, Aberration and Lost Island, though if using a male character they can't be heard. This is most likely because lore-wise the first survivor that comes after the original survivors left the ark is Bob