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Choose Your Own Adventure
Infiltrate the hijacked biomedical system to stop Rockwell's mutagen production, but watch out for the nasty supervirus he left behind!
Time Limit

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 1900
First-time Bonus
Hexagon Icon.png 2280

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 11400

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 30400

World Effect
24px Health Regen Increase: Your wounds are healing faster.



1d 12h

Choose Your Own Adventure is a Mission in Genesis: Part 2.

Things to bring[]

  • Flak armor with a glider and tek boots
  • A tek rifle (you can get it from Velonasaur Stalk (Genesis: Part 2))
  • Medical brews, Focal chilli, Lazarus Chowder, Shadow Steak
  • Food and water

You cannot use grappling hooks, ziplines (except for the ones that are already there) and the tek jetpack.


Part 1: Color Counting[]

Count the colors of the various objectives that are in the phase. Then go to colored gate when the object is complete. The 3 phases follow a random order.

  • Potential Phase: Kill 'x' dinosaurs
    1. Example: Objective Kill 12 dinosaurs
      1. 4 are blue, 3 are pink, 2 are yellow, 5 are green
      2. After killing the 12 dinosaurs, go to the green gate.
  • Potential Phase: Collect 'x' keys
    1. Example: Objective Collect 5 keys
      1. 1 is blue, 1 is pink, 1 is yellow, 2 are green
      2. After collecting the 5 keys navigate to the green gate
    2. ***NOTE*** To use ziplines, look at the place the zipline connects to the wall.
  • Potential Phase: Step on the pressure plates
    1. Example: Step on 7 pressure plates
      1. 2 are blue, 1 is pink, 1 is yellow, 3 are green
      2. After stepping on all plates navigate to the green gate.

Part 2: Boss Fight[]

After completing a variation of the above phases there is a boss fight. The boss fight will recycle the below phases if you cannot kill the final boss in time.

  • Pressure Plate Phase
    • Across the room there will be various colored pressure plates. You need to step on the colored plates that are given to you. Use gamma 1 here or the plates will be very hard to differentiate. Go through the room in a consistent way so that you can keep track of which platforms you already activated, it saves time.
  • Mini-boss Phase
    • There are summoners that are giving the main boss shields, they will need to be killed.
  • Main Boss Phase
    • The final boss is a 'Macro-Summoner' and killing it is the final task