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Code Red
Hack into the genomicarchive to stop Rockwell from corrupting the creature files, and prevent his vengeful supervirus from re-hacking the system!
Genesis Ship mainframe
Player Capacity
5 players
Time Limit

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 1900
First-time Bonus
Hexagon Icon.png 2280

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 11400

Base Amount
Hexagon Icon.png 30400
World Effect
Hexagon Reward Bonus: Biobank error in your favor...



1d 12h

Code Red is a Mission in Genesis: Part 2. This mission permits 1 tamed creature per survivor present.


Things to bring

  • A stack of Medical Brew, Stimulant
  • Lesser Antidote
  • The free exo suit (for the pipes section)
  • A good set of armor (or 2)
  • 30 zip lines, a glider and a Zip-Line Motor Attachment Skin (Aberration)
  • Guns for the pipe section, preferably a Tek Rifle as it has knockback, and a shotgun
  • A powerful mount such as a Reaper King, Ferox or Shadowmane. Make sure it has meat in its inventory for extra healing.
    • The Shadowmane is excellent at completely jumping over the maze and its dash attack can stun all creatures, including the Experimental Giga.
  • For players that want to bring powerful herbivorous mounts with sweet vegetable cakes for healing, stegosaurus, and therizinosaurus are viable.
    • Stegosaurus are a great option since they can crowd control the many VR creatures that appear during phase 2 and with hardened plate or heavy plate mode and a good saddle, they can sustain heavy damage from the VR creatures.
      • Since you can take out a weapon while riding a stegosaurus, you can heal your stegosaurus with sweet vegetable cakes when you need to while firing your pistol at the boss.
      • The only downside is that they are the slowest mounts. Have other players with quick mounts and some of the weapons mentioned in the page to do some of the later phases would help to make up for this weakness.
      • During the end of phase 2, players can position the stegosaurus with its tail side facing all the VR creatures coming to you while also being in heavy plate mode. You can maximize the stegosaurus' attack speed by turning your camera one side to attack and turn to the opposite direction to do another attack. This results in all the creatures except the fliers to be pushed back. With the heavy plate's slow debuff, you have more time to deal with the flyers that are pushing your mount as the land VR creatures are too slow to get to you. When the flyers are dealt with, all the other creatures are easier to deal with.
  • For team players that want to bring support mounts for the mission, Yutyrannus, and Mammoths should do.
    • The Mammoths can use its intimidate buff to reduce damage of enemy creatures and has attacks that have splash damage.
    • The Yutyrannus has its courage buff and fear debuff to greatly increase damage of friendly mounts.
  • Focal Chili and Lazarus Chowder (for stamina regen), Shadow Steak Saute for the tek rifle recoil
  • Food and water
  • A Tek Phase Pistol (Genesis: Part 2) and a cryopod (optional) for the boss fight
  • A Tek Railgun can greatly help you during the pipe section to kill the arthropleuras in one shot through a wall if you can land a headshot on it.


Phase 1: Reach the gate

The dungeon is a massive maze in this phase, skim through the entirety of this phase, while fending against the VR creatures present within until reaching the admin panel. Shadowmanes can skip this entire section, although you will still have to shoot the turrets so your mount doesn't take too much damage while you go through the pipes. Make sure to leave it on neutral.

Phase 2: Gain admin access to open the gate

After failing to unlock the gate, you will need to go through the pipes to gain admin access. A Ferox can be very useful here, just transform it after getting past all of the ladders (enter the mission while riding it, after waiting for it to have only 3 minutes of transformation left). Watch out for Arthropluera, use the exo suit to avoid getting your main armor damaged. Try not to get knocked unconscious by the Araneo. It is also possible to skip the pipe section with a zipline or Shadowmane as long as you first get to the checkpoint above the ladders, but this is usually harder than doing it the intended way and can waste a lot of time. The part with the Defense Units can be cheesed with zip line, Ferox, or a stegosaurus just outside the room. Defend yourself while the gate opens to advance to the Containment Area. On alpha it can be risky to stay near the gate, but you can jump to an elevated part of the room so that you only need to fight flyers.

In a five player team, have one of your members to hold a high quality tek railgun to shoot the arthropleuras through the wall, saving alot of anxiety of losing all your armor in one hit.

Phase 3: Protect the Biopods

There are a total of 12 biopods across this part of the dungeon. All VR creatures will target after each biopod, destroying it if they are left to allow it. At least 1 biopod must survive to progress. If a biopod is destroyed, the creature inside becomes a hostile VR creature.

The creatures inside the biopods will help you fight the boss later on at the last phase of the mission.

The following dinos are trapped in their Biopod:

The easiest way to do this section is to stay near the exit gate and defend the 3 biopods there. Over time most of the creatures will get stuck on walls so you just have to wait for the timer to go down. If you transformed a Ferox at the start of the pipes section it will conveniently transform back to it's small form around the time where this section ends. If a player has a stegosaurus, they can defend the first two biopods (Argentavis and Pachyrhinosaurus) while the rest of the team spreads out to defend the other biopods.

Phase 4: Purge the final virus

Continue past the Containment Room and rush over to the door leading to the Experimentation room, overriding terminal within to restore the door power to it. Inside the test Subject Storage contains tons of already corrupted VR creatures in a biopod, bursting out within activation of terminal nearby. This is the hardest part of the mission.

Ferox strategy

If you have at least 2 players with a Ferox that you don't mind losing then this section is fairly easy as long as you make sure they transform back to their small form shortly after getting to this part.

Zip line strategy

You can use zip lines to skip everything. They are a bit clunky so practice this on gamma first.

Speed strategy

Another strategy is to use a Battle Tartare, Focal Chili and a really good set of armor to skip everything, but this is very risky on alpha and requires a very high base speed.

Zip line + combat strategy

The easiest way to do this section is to use a zipline to kill some of the creatures from above, then run past the rest (they usually pile up near the walls which makes it easy to avoid them). Works best with a tek rifle, focal chilli and high base speed. Make sure not to run out of time.

Phase 5: Exterminate Experiment G

Upon reaching the Experimentation Room, in front lies an enraged Experimental Giganotosaurus.png Experimental Giganotosaurus, fully twisted and tainted by Rockwell. It instantly burst out of its biopod the moment the player crosses a line near its biopod.

Any creature that were rescued from Phase 3 will join in the battle. However, if only a few were rescued, don't expect too much from it as in its enraged state, it can easily kill them off. The creature that assist you are based on whatever was inside the protected biopod. The number of creatures saved will affect the boss' health. If all 12 creatures are saved (nearly impossible), the Experimental Giga's health has 1/4 of its health.

Killing the Giganotosaurus will finish the mission. Use zip lines or a dino that can jump high/climb walls to reach the safe areas near the top of the room. Use a Tek Phase Pistol (Genesis: Part 2) to kill the giga within the time limit. You can put your dino in a cryopod before the section starts to avoid losing it (If you are using a Ferox, refresh its transformation timer right after killing the defense units in phase 2 so that you can cryo it before the boss fight. There is a bug where Feroxes don't get teleported back after winning the mission). To reliably hit the giga, dismount and crouch at the edge of the platform. If you accidentally fall off then quickly run to the other end of the room and setup a zipline to reach another platform.

If you brought a stegosaurus all the way to this point, use a Tek pistol while riding it and you can drain the Giga's health and can heal your stegosaurus with sweet vegetable cakes if you need to. The Stegosaurus can take a tremendous amount of damage if it is set on hardened plate mode with over 40k health and has a max quality saddle (124.8-352.7).

The first problem you have to worry during the fight is the flyers as they can interrupt the 20x damage of the Tek Phase Pistol on the boss, so have people with mounts that can ground and kill flyers. The second problem is the bleed effect of the carnotaurus.



  • Rescued Dino are temporarily tamed (with 100% Taming efficiency) with full purple color on its body during the last phase after Experimental Giganotosaurus bursts out, with high melee stat.
  • Rescued Dino cannot be whistled on command, as they are scripted to always go after the Experimental Giganotosaurus.
    • Pachyrhinosaurus won't use any of its smoke ability
    • Chalicotherium won't throw Feces or Rock
    • Argentavis won't get the healing buff as VR creatures decay immediately with no chance of harvesting.
  • For some reason, any Basilosaurus near the mission terminal will be killed when the mission starts.
  • The Experimental Giganotosaurus does 2,183 damage on Alpha difficulty.
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