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Crater Forest
Crater Forest (Extinction).jpg
A Gacha eats alone in the Crater Forest.
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Crater Forest is a region in the Extinction DLC.


Crater Forest is a dungeon region in the northwest of the Extinction map and home of the Gacha. The landscape is slightly reminiscent of Aberration. It is more like a vast verdant lost world, it has very good light levels so the Solar Powered Dino Leash works fine. There are plenty of bushes/plants etc, so berries are not in short supply. Wood and rock are in reasonable supply, metal and obsidian are not abundant and require some knowledge of the area. That's where the Gacha comes in useful - producing hard to get resources. One other thing you will notice is that there are not large numbers of wild creature spawns, so looking for large amounts of meat can be an issue. Access is located at 30.7, 24.3 and the path leading to The UnderForest, the deepest area, is called Crystal Path. It is the only region of Extinction where  Troodon spawns and spawn in large groups they do! The Crater Forest is usually around 23 °C or 73 °F.


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  • There is a Blue Obelisk embedded in the wall at the entrance of the forest meaning perhaps it was once a prototype ARK like the two found on Extinction.