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Crook's Canyon
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The Crook's Canyon is a region in the Crystal Isles DLC.


This is a dangerous place full of Griffins which have their nests filled with gems. There is also lots of predators that roam the grounds of this area, be careful as they can make travels on foot much more dangerous than they already are. This is a great place to tame griffins. Be careful, they are all over the place in here and when they see people they don't give up chase very easily.


Very Common[]



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From Local Creatures[]


  • For some very odd reason the Rock Elementals look more like grey rocks than their usual sandy color.
  • The griffins have nests in the walls but don't lay eggs
  • Despite the gems laid by griffins looking like gems when you pick them up you get stone
  • Those whom have the "Crystal Additions" mod will find Crystal Griffins here.