Crowbar (Mobile)

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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.
Crowbar (Mobile).png
Useful for prying special things out and cracking things open. A decent defensive weapon in a pinch too!
Type ARKetype
Melee damage 50
Weight 2
Stack Size 1
Durability 70
Added in v1.0.95
Crafted in Smithy
Argentavis Saddle
Castoroides Saddle
Tek Replicator
Required Stations Refining Forge.png Refining Forge
Resources breakdown [Expand]
5 × Metal Ingot.png Metal Ingot
10 × Metal.png Metal
40 × Wood.png Wood
Total Base Ingredients
Purchase type Engram
Cost (USD) $6.99

The Crowbar is an ARKetype in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Crowbar acts in a similar manner to the Metal Pick. The difference is that it will harvest Ancient Amber from Rich Metal Nodes at 4x the usual rate. After harvesting 12-16 ×  Ancient Amber, the chances of harvesting more are greatly reduced. The Crowbar can also damage metal structures and is a decent substitute to explosives when raiding bases of stone and metal.

The Crowbar can be purchased as an Engram for $6.99 from the In-Game Store and cannot be repaired.

Spotlight[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Crowbar has very little durability so be mindful while using it.