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Deinonychus Nest
Deinonychus Nest (Valguero)
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The Deinonychus Nest is a structure in ARK: Survival Evolved's Valguero DLC. These nests hold Deinonychus Egg (Valguero) Deinonychus Eggs and are primarily found in The White Cliffs.


Deinonychus nests are found throughout the White Cliffs in the bottom right of the map, and are often accompanied by multiple wild deinonychus who will attack as soon as you take an egg.

For a larger map including the markers, see the Explorer Map. |

Valguero Topographic Map


  • It is advised to use a flyer if you're looking to steal the eggs. You could either wait for them to get distracted when they notice a wild dino nearby or kill them when you're standing on a rock that is just out of their attack range. manas are also great for collecting Deinonychus eggs.
  • Console command to get list of all Deinonychus Nests on map: cheat getallstate DeinonychusNest_C
  • Console command to spawn Deinonychus Nest: cheat summon DeinonychusNest_C
    • Be careful! Character will get stuck in it! To get out use console command: cheat ghost | cheat fly
    • Nest will disappear after some time.
  • Console command to destroy all Deinonychus Nests on map: cheat destroyall DeinonychusNest_C
  • Despite most egg laying animals being known to lay clutches of multiple eggs, Deinoncyus only lays one egg in their nests. This is probably intentional as to prevent players from acquiring large amounts of eggs that can hatch into a sizable army of pack boosted tames within a short amount of time.