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Dermis (Extinction)
Attach this Dermis to a Taxidermy Base to display it!
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Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Extinction/CoreBlueprints/Items/PrimalItem_TaxidermyDermis.PrimalItem_TaxidermyDermis'" 1 0 0

The Dermis is an item in Extinction.


A Dermis can be collected by using a Taxidermy Tool (Extinction) Taxidermy Tool (Extinction) on a tamed Creature belonging to the tribe that the survivor is harvesting from or harvestable corpse. The Dermis can then be displayed in a Taxidermy Base (Extinction) Taxidermy Base (Extinction).

A dermis will retain the following from the struck Creature since the last change:

  • Color (Dermis does not retain colors affected by any Dino Candy effect)
  • Name
  • Level

Note that dermis can only be collected once by a player.(On console, wait awhile and you can harvest again from a creature no cryopods needed)

If your tamed creature has died, you can collect its dermis a second time (if you had already collected the dermis while is was alive)

Noncollectable Dermis[]

While majority of the creature can be harvested for dermis, specific creature/boss like King Titan King Titan and Overseer Overseer (Along with its transformed state) cannot be harvested for its dermis as either their corpse vanishes immediately on death, or their corpse are unreachable (unless they are force tamed).

There is a way to obtain an Overseer Dermis but it requires precise timing as you'll have to dismount as the boss is about to die. While it starts it's death animation you can strike where it died at to collect a Dermis however only people who have been in the Tek Cave during that login will be able to see it. This also goes for the Defense Units and Attack Drone (Do note that these three mentioned Dermis do not retain their coloring and appear the same regardless of the difficulty it was harvested from and the attack drone is the hardest of the three to harvest Dermis from)

The king titans dermis can also be collected through a similarly annoying method. by having someone mounted on a griffin holding a taxidermy tool in their hand dive into the king titans general chest area while attacking, it is possible to get a dermis. once the king titan finishes its death animation you can no-longer collect its dermis, so the window of collectability is very small. This usually takes multiple attempts and can be made easier by having a second person in the griffins passenger seat also attacking with a taxidermy tool.


  • While a Dermis may only be collected once per living/deceased creature, a newborn's Dermis can be collected up to four times (Baby, Juvenile, Adolescent, Adult) as long as the Taxidermy Tool Tool is struck on them on that growing phase. Be mindful that the Taxidermy Tool Tools may potentially kill very low health babies with a single strike, so use it with caution. They can also be harvested multiple times when using a Cryopod Cryopod.
  • Wyvern Wyvern Dermis only do T-pose when placed on Taxidermy Base Taxidermy Base, however, Ice Wyvern Ice and Forest Wyvern Forest Wyvern don't seem to have this issues, as well as Crystal Wyvern Crystal Wyvern.
  • The Dermis of non-tameable creatures only display on their native maps. Therefore, creatures like the Broodmother Broodmother cannot be displayed on maps like Aberration or Ragnarok. Transferring Boss Dermis to another map will erase the contents so that bringing the Dermis back to the original map will not restore its functionality. Transferring a Dermis to any map, even if the new map also has that boss fight, will destroy that Dermis.
  • Dermises of Large Creatures such as Rock Elemental Rock Elemental will be shrunken down in order to fit the Base
    • Most Variants of Rock Elementals are Bugged with it only functioning on Rubble Golems and Rock Elemental any variants such as Ice and Chalk will be much smaller and lack any poses.
  • The Wolf Twins Bosses (Hati and Skoll), Fenrisúlfr, and the Fenrir on the map Fjordur, all produce identical dermis.
  • The Steinbjorn boss on the Fjordur map does not have its own original dermis. When harvested it will display a Dire Bear dermis.