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Diana Altaras is a URE orbital strike fighter pilot in the distant future, or more specifically, during the 22nd century or the 2100s.  Her expertise and social skills with anyone has helped her tribe do unthinkable things on the Aberration ARK.  Ever since she woke up on the ARK, many see her as the emotional support for the Tek survivors.


  • Diana
  • Di
  • Ginger Lunatic
  • Juzi/Tangerine
  • First Lieutenant Diana Altaras; URE 82nd Orbital Strike Fighter Squadron


Before Diana woke up on the Aberrant or Canyon ARK, Diana read a vague article about human cloning without using a mother for gestation. She had a memory of also accessing a highly classified URE file about the Terran Federation hacker named Santiago Camacho.  She had a memory of also accessing a highly classified URE file about the Terran Federation hacker named Santiago Camacho.  She died at the futuristic battle of the Thailand Gulf with Kazuma.  When she woke up on the ARK, she keeps everyone's morale up to keep going to get back home.


"I should call her by her proper name too, but Diana sounds too serious for a woman that laughs so much. Juzi fits her better. She doesn't mind it, but I don't think she knows I've named her after an orange."

~Mei Yin

Although Diana tends to tease someone or helps explain Tek technology to survivors in the past, Diana is another kind survivor who wants to resort to using words before people use violence.  Diana is a bit self centered for all the bad talk she says to Santiago, but it is understandable for the whole tribe to release all their tension because the tribe is divided between URE and Terran Federation so they can push on with escaping without ill feelings towards each other.  She is competitive with other survivors in her tribe when it comes to count.  All she wants is to be the best but she isn't willing to be the leader.

She acts like a leader who takes responsibility and initiative but doesn't want to lead.  However, she is close with for Mei-Yin.  She helps two parties compromise on their actions when she persuades the tribe to put the Gateway Project on hold to do on an obelisk check on Helena's concern about the ARK being capable to level a city.

Relationships with Other Survivors[]

  • Santiago
    • The first "fed" survivor she befriended, Diana worked with him on the Tek armor with her being the guinea pig for the tests. She has moved Santiago so much that even he misses her when she died in the "Rockwell Incident".  They both had a degree of respect in what they did best.  With the mek that Santiago left behind, she feels like they are connected through it. He always calls her Di.
  • Mei Yin
    • Diana met Mei Yin while she was on an obelisk run. Initially, she was tense with Mei Yin because of the mistrust and gap of differences they had with each other. When Mei Yin was about to leave the village, Diana asked her to try on Tek armor and Mei Yin stayed as a result. The duo had sparing matches where Mei Yin wins most of the time while Diana wins when Mei Yin takes it easy. Diana also left stats on what Mei Yin could potentially do in a real battle.  They were close friends after Mei Yin rescued her from the Element Region. Unbeknownst to Mei Yin, Diana doesn't want to admit her feelings, contrary to her outgoing personality. Their relationship was stable when they worked together on the Corrupt Earth and heading off to Arat Prime. The Shooting Star Orbital Dropship necklace is a sign of their close relationship.
  • Helena/Rockwell
    • When they were introduced to the Tek Village, Diana gave them a grand tour of futuristic technology.  Both Rockwell and Helena had views that interested Diana.  Helena wanted to express her concern of the Gateway Project while Rockwell wanted to be on the research team.  Diana helped them get their needs met and integrate the knowledge that the two have gathered to their database.  Diana was the "nanny" that looked after Rockwell who has become too unstable.


Diana seems to be a Caucasian female with orange hair. Her hairstyle before she died the first time was of a romantic style and after she died, her hair was in the ponytail hairstyle. Many survivors note of how beautiful she is with her looks and personality. In addition, she seems to have some Jewish heritage on at least her mother's side, due to the mention of the Star of David necklace that her mother gave her in a memory she remembers in the Aberration Explorer notes.

Survival Skills[]

I'm competent enough with TEK armor and a rifle, but if you really want to see me make magic happen, put me inside a cockpit. I might specialize in fighters, but I've aced all the simulations with just about every vehicle in the URE arsenal. It doesn't matter if it's got wheels, wings or legs, with a machine like this at my fingertips, there's no such thing as impossible.

~ Diana

In her past life, other survivors note she was an ace pilot in her time.  Despite being a specialist with fighter jets, she has aced every simulation of manning each of the URE's military vehicles, making her a capable survivor. Even when not inside a cockpit, she is a formidable survivor in Tek armor with a Tek rifle. Being one of the best survivors the futuristic/Tek tribe has, both the U.R.E and Terran Federation agreed on having Diana wearing the first set of Tek armor. She even held out for a long time in the Molten Element region until Mei-Yin arrived to help her team.

On Extinction, Diana is almost unstoppable when she pilots Santiago's mek Strider.  She was also able to master Santiago's Alpha level piloting in a short time before making short work of the Forest Titan. She was also strong enough to control 75% of the Mega Mek while Mei-Yin controlled her sector of the Mega Mek. Together, they were able to make the King Titan flee in full retreat.

Tribal Affiliations[]

  • United Republics of Earth (Pilot of the 82nd Orbital Strike Fighter Squadron)
  • Tek Tribe (Scout/Soldier/Officer/Negotiator)


  • This is Diana's name meaning.
    • Her first name, Diana, has Italian, English, and Latin origins that means "Divine".
    • Her last name, Altaras, is Sephardic Jewish in origin that means "embroiderer".
    • Her full name, Diana Altaras, means "Divine Embroiderer".