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Field Manual 31-582
Field Observations

With its speed and teleportation capabilities, Autonomous Ground Vehicle MQ-9X is built to close gaps quickly and engage its targets in close quarters. Once in range, it uses refined Element claws with lethal force.

MQ-9X was clearly designed for urban combat. Its claws and shock absorbers let it scale walls and drop down to street level from significant heights, and we've only seen it patrolling within the city limits. Possibly the remnant of an automated police force or defensive army.

Recommendations: Isolate, and engage at range in wide open spaces. I've calculated its maximum teleportation distance as roughly 15 meters, so maintain that gap as long as possible

Personal Use

Every MQ-9X I've encountered is stuck on a defensive loop, and overriding its primary directive is impossible. However, if we're able to acquire an intact processing core from a hostile unit, with enough parts I could reverse engineer our own, more loyal model. Could be useful - the grooves on its back are suited for a rider, so we wouldn't even need to build saddles.

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Technical Manual 9-978
Standard Equipment

OZ-13NV TEK Saber: Designed as the primary weapon, to better suit the skills of our top pilot candidates. Built more for cuts than stabs. Ideal for attacking in combinations.

XBR-M-93R Plasma Pistol: Secondary weapon. Fires in three shot bursts.

MS-06BR Boosters: Installed he unit's feet. On activation, they let the unit hover in the air and move rapidly over short distances. Combine with ranged attacks for maximum effectiveness.

Heat Gauge: Pilots should always monitor their unit's heat levels. Overheating will result in your unit being slow, vulnerable and soon after that? Scrap.

Custom Equipment

Each RX-103-MEK has one has a module slot for a specially designed weapon or tool that can be swapped out with ease. These are...

G-01W Mek Siege Cannon Module: A high yield artillery cannon mounted on the unit's back. To handle the recoil, the unit must temporarily anchor itself to the ground, rendering it imobile while firing.

G-02H Mek Rocket Launcher Module: An oversized missile battery that fires in sixteen round salvos, which spread out and then converge on the units target. Especially effective against large, isolated targets.

G-01S Mek Deployable Shield Module: Deploys a dome shaped energy barrier that protects the unit from incoming ranged attacks, while boosting its speed. Good for team or melee oriented pilots.

Mega Mek
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Technical Manual 9-979
Fusion Procedure

Forming the RX-412 MegaMEK requires having RX-103 MEKs active and in close proximity, with an Omega Level threat detected on their sensors. To fuse, the lead RX-103 must have a MegaMek Operational Materialization Interface equipped in its module slot. Once activated, the other three RX-103s must move into position around the lead unit, and fusion will begin.


Unlike the RX-103, the RX-412 was not designed for versatility. It is built for one thing, and one thing only: raw power. The enemies we're facing can tople skyscrapers, so we need to be able to do the same. So it only has one weapon... OZ-52XX Vorpal TEK Cleaver: This sword draws power directly from the RX-412 and hones it into a cutting edge that can sheer through a mountain. Swing hard, swing often, and if you get sick of cutting your targets in to, well I guess you could always punch them.


I never imagined my masterpiece would be a giant battle mech, but it's undoubtedly my best work. The RX-412 is the most powerful combat vehicle ever created. If there's anything out there that can overpower the RX-412, then frankly it deserves to kill us.

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Field Manual 31-581
Field Observations

By itself, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle RQ-7Y is hardly a concern. Though many of them can be found monitoring the empty streets the abandoned city, they're not aggressive, and their offensive capabilities are limited. If attacked, they rely on bursts from their thrusters to either take evasive maneuvers or ram the aggressor, and they have no real armaments to speak of. This makes obtaining intact processing cores and spare parts a trivial matter, and as a result we've constructed a number of our own.

Personal Use

Shifting some of our resources to focus on RQ-7Y construction has been more than worth the investment. I managed to turn our TEK binoculars into a remote control system for them, and as a result our scouting teams have been able to cover more ground with far less risk. They simply deploy the RQ-7Y with a specialized grenade, then use its enhanced vision to scout ahead, scan for allied IFFs and track targets. Just don't try to ride the damn thing. I didn't think I'd have to explain that considering how small it is, but three crashes later, here we are...