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Dragonmalte Trench
Dragonmalte Trench (Ragnarok)
A trench that is home to many Wyverns
Ragnarok Topographic Map

Dragonmalte Trench (also known as Dragon's Trench or Wyvern Trench) is a location in the DLC: Ragnarok.


This Wyvern-filled trench is where players can find Wyvern Egg (Scorched Earth) Wyvern Eggs except Wyvern Egg Ice (Ragnarok) Ice Wyvern Eggs as these can only be found in the Murder Snow, which will allow them to raise their own Wyvern Wyverns.

The entrance to Fafnir's Cavern is found here.


This trench is much like the World Scar from Scorched Earth DLC, although it is wider and has more Wyverns.

The trench is right next to the lava biome and the lava mountain. These mountains are dangerous and contains high level dinosaurs. It is recommended not to go there. Bringing extra armor is also a good idea as the Arthropluera can use their acid attack and deplete it. If you feel confident, you can attempt to knock out a female Wyvern or kill an Alpha Wyvern which gives you 50 Wyvern milk. Killing a regular female wyvern is a waste of time, however, as milk can only be collected from a unconscious female wyvern. This will help you in the process of imprinting and raising the baby Wyvern.






From Local Creatures[]


  • The player cannot find Ice Wyverns or Ice Wyvern Eggs here.
  • There are significantly more Wyvern Nests here than in the World Scar, and slightly fewer Wyverns.
  • Part of the trench is covered in rock. This section is a good place to look for eggs, as there are few wyverns located there.
  • Before patch v276.0 the Artifact of the Clever could be found here inside Fafnir's Cavern.
  • There is an extremely safe and early game method to steal an egg here which involves a pteranodon or grappling hooks, and an ichthyosaurus. First, one must use the pteranodon or grappling hooks to go up the trench using the entrance by the beach. There is a nest accessible by foot here. Take the egg from the nearest nest and bolt back towards the beach. Dismount and swim to your ichthyosaur. Let the wyverns kill your pteranodon while you make an aquatic escape.
  • The lava in the trench deals 2000 absolute damage per tick, instantly killing players and even the strongest of tames in mere seconds. You can use it to your advantage, however, because wyverns will often land in it and kill themselves, granting you easier access to their eggs.