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Logo Mobile.svg This article is about content exclusively available in the version on Mobile.

The Dungeons are a feature in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


Dungeons are the biggest challenge in the Mobile version of the game. Available to survivors who are Level 40 or higher, Dungeons can be accessed from any  Obelisk or  TEK Teleporter through the Dungeon Access Key. Survivors must traverse these Dungeons on foot, and each room holds different challenges (such as swarms of creatures or a lava parkour). Upon entry, survivors are tasked with collecting as much loot as possible and finding the Boss Teleporter before the timer of 30 minutes runs out. Extra time can be obtained by opening chests (+1 minute) and clearing rooms with creatures (+5 minutes). Many obstacles will be encountered along the way, including traps and  Eerie Creatures. Each Dungeon contains water sources. Only those who defeat the  Boss or tame  Noctis within the time will be able to take their loot and collected  Eerie Implants back to The Island for use.

All survivors are granted one free entry per day, with subsequent entries costing an increasing amount of  Ancient Amber. Moreover,  Primal Pass holders will be granted an extra entry. Each Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST will provide survivors with a new challenge, however in Single Player, survivors will have the option to select Dungeons from the previous two weeks, though the entry cost will be increased, 5  Ancient Amber for the previous week and 20  Ancient Amber for the Dungeons.

Recommended equipment[]



In dungeons, players must go through many different traps. All traps kill instantly

  • Swinging axe trap: Wait on said (for example left) before the axe goes from your side to the second side (from left to right). This trap is relative easy
  • Moving wall trap:
  • Darknees trap:
  • Lava trap:

Active Dungeons[]

Cemetary of Chaos[]

Abandon all hope.

Date: 10/26/2021 - 10/29/2021

Type: Ruins

Difficulty: Medium

Featured Loot:  Ascendant Pump-Action Shotgun,  Journeyman TEK Chestpiece,  TEK Generator,  TEK Shield

Eerie Creatures:  Eerie Achatina,  Eerie Araneo,  Eerie Argentavis,  Eerie Beelzebufo,  Eerie Dodo,  Eerie Equus,  Eerie Gigantopithecus,  Eerie Jerboa,  Eerie Meganeura,  Eerie Mesopithecus,  Eerie Onyc,  Eerie Titanomyrma Soldier

Boss:  Beelzemorbus

Dungeon Map 18-RMX.jpg

The Mysterious Moss-Pit[]

Look out for each other.

Date: 10/19/2021 - 10/26/2021

Type: Swamp

Difficulty: Medium

Featured Loot:  Ascendant Crossbow,  Journeyman Megalodon TEK Saddle,  TEK Leggings,  TEK SCUBA Mask

Eerie Creatures:  Eerie Achatina,  Eerie Argentavis,  Eerie Diplocaulus,  Eerie Lystrosaurus,  Eerie Onyc,  Eerie Raptor,  Eerie Stego,  Eerie Troodon

Boss: ?

Dungeon Map 107.jpg

RMX: Hidden Tomb of the Coleoptera[]

Say it three times.

Date: 10/18/2021

Type: Ice

Difficulty: Hard

Featured Loot:  Ascendant Fur Chestpiece,  Journeyman TEK Boots,  TEK Grenade,  TEK Teleporter

Eerie Creatures:  Eerie Araneo,  Eerie Arthropluera,  Eerie Chalicotherium,  Eerie Dung Beetle,  Eerie Megaloceros,  Eerie Meganeura,  Eerie Phiomia,  Eerie Titanomyrma Drone,  Eerie Titanomyrma Soldier

Boss:  Gula Beetle

Dungeon Map 30-RMX.jpg

Inactive Dungeons

Blitz Week[]

During Blitz Week, each day of the week will feature one of seven previous Dungeons in between each Blitz Week. However, unlike the normal Dungeon week, the Dungeon timer is reduced to 15 minutes, a  Noctis encounter will be twice as likely,  Eerie Equus have a chance to be seen roaming the halls of any of the Dungeons, and the  Eery Element yield from each Boss is doubled to 20 ×  Eery Element in multiplayer and 40 ×  Eery Element in singleplayer.

These Blitz Dungeons will retain all enemies, loot, and TEK Blueprints found in their normal counterparts. Some of the TEK Blueprints may be found at higher qualities, but will drop at a low rate.

Available Loot[]



  • In the Dungeon, a  Facility Key is required to unlock a gate and advance through the Dungeon.
  •  Eerie Creatures found in the Dungeons can’t be tamed unless they are revived after completing the Dungeon.
  • The lava and sliding wall trap will instantly kill the player.
  • Tek items can be found in two chests per Dungeon, a chest containing featured loot and a chest containing Tek Structures.
  • Each individual player is rewarded with 10 ×  Eery Element in Multiplayer and 20 ×  Eery Element in Single Player and a trophy after the Boss is killed.
  •  Grappling Hooks can not be used inside the Dungeons.
  • Up to 10 players can join the final Boss fight.
  • The  Black Pearls that can be found in loot chests have no weight while in the Dungeon.
  • When teleporting to the Boss Arena, the survivor has a 1/1000 chance to encounter  Noctis instead of the Boss.
  • TEK Blueprints of higher quality have a lower chance to drop from the TEK Chest in the Dungeon.
  • In Multiplayer,  Eerie Creatures over the maximum level for a given Difficulty will not drop a  Creature Implant.
  • You cannot bring any of your tames into the Dungeons even if one is riding on your shoulders.
  • Dungeon loot is reshuffled whenever a save is restored.
  • Beer jars special ability to increase damage resistance can be especially useful in no armor rooms.