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Durability is a property of armor, tools and weapons. It decreases when the item is used. If the durability reaches zero the item has to be repaired before it can be used again.

There's a durability property in saddles but except for a few exceptions (Roll Rat Saddle) it has no meaning there because it never decreases. Due to this, crafting higher quality saddles with only durability increased is waste of materials.

Repairing[edit | edit source]

The repair cost is calculated by taking the percentage of lost durability and multiplying it with the half of the initial building costs (Scales with increased costs caused by Item Quality). The repair costs are always rounded up.

Special Gears[edit | edit source]

Some gears durability decreases over time when worn, some of them don't need all materials which are used to craft them (Ex. Night Vision Goggles)

On aberration, the Hazard Suit Armor loses durability gradually over time when worn in areas with radiation.

Inappropiate Using[edit | edit source]

Several items durability decreases much faster due to inappropriate using of them.

  • Whip Scorched Earth Icon.png - Using whip on structures decreases its durability much faster than using on animals or gathering resources

Durability can also be increased by Item Quality.