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Edge of the World
Edge of the World New (The Center)
A long fall into the void.


The Edge of the World is a feature in the DLC: The Center.

The Edge of the World lines the entire western edge of the Map where there is a long drop to the ocean below. Where the ocean meets the Edge of the World along the north and southern seas, the seafloor rises into a rocky shoreline that can be walked along and also prevents sea creatures from swimming off the cliffs. The ocean waters cascade over this shoreline into massive, roaring waterfalls. Where the oceans meet the mainland, the Edge of the World wraps around the North and Snowy Mountain (South) (The Center)s and the Snowy Grasslands. Over the Edge of the World and beneath the mainland is a huge, open Cliffside Cavern, with light-giving crystals embedded into the walls and an ice palace at the very back.

The ocean at the bottom has no physical seafloor—instead, it is only a few meters deep before the barrier prevents swimming down further. In addition, no creatures will spawn in this ocean.

Players and creatures that fall into the ocean below can find one ramp each along the northern and southern edge of the Snowy Grasslands, which will lead back up to the caverns. Near the top of these ramps are another set of ramps that lead from the caverns back up to the mainland, with a third ramp just south of The Bridge.


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  • Prior to v247.0, there was no ocean or caverns below the edge, and players or creatures that fell off would fall into the void, dying with all their items lost.