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Eery Candy
Eery Candy (Mobile).png
Feeding this tasty but dubious candy to a baby creature will allow it to instantly imprint.

WARNING: Not for human consumption!
Stack size
Added in
Crafted in
Crafting yields
3 pieces
Purchase type
Special Item
5 ×  Ancient Amber (ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile)
40 ×  Ancient Amber (ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile)

The Eery Candy is an item in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile.


The Eery Candy can be fed to a baby dino to decrease the imprint timer for an instant imprint. The Eery Candy can be bought from the In-Game Store for 5 ×  Ancient Amber and a pack of 10 Eery Candy can be bought from the In-Game Store for 40 ×  Ancient Amber (20% less  Ancient Amber).

Eery Candy can also be obtained by crafting from a blueprint obtainable by catching a  Leedsichthys with  Unicorn Residue.



  • It's possible to retrieve an Eery Candy Blueprint by catching a  Leedsichthys with  Unicorn Residue.
  • This item is not to be consumed by humans.
  • In the event that a human does consume an Eery Candy, the following may occur:
    • Skin and Hair color will change, for example, orange skin and green hair. This effect is permanent, but can be undone by re-coloring your character with dyed potent dust.
    • The defecation audio will play, but in place of human feces, a random unfertilized egg will be laid. It will say that the egg was "laid" by the player.
    • The colors of the world will rapidly change, much like a stereotypical "Acid Trip". This effect is temporary.
  • The effects of Eery Candy can be applied to unconscious players through force feeding.
  • Without the Industrial Grinder, it costs the same amount of Ancient Amber to make it and to buy three pieces.