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Elemental Vault
Elemental Vault (Aberration)
A challenging cave found in the deepest depths of Aberration.
Aberration Topographic Map
82.4° Lat, 48.2° Lon
Artifact of the Stalker
Artifact of the Stalker
91.7° Lat, 51.3° Lon


Cave entrance is located at lat 82.4 lon 48.2. (X:-13155, Y:260776, Z: 13731)

You can bring tamed dinos into this cave as long as they're able to jump approximately 6 foundations high. It is recommended to bring a Rock Drake Rock Drake or Reaper Reaper, of which the Rock Drake is the better choice, due to its ability to glide and camouflage.

The entire cave is in the radiation zone, so ensure you are wearing a Hazard Suit.

One may find Helena note #30 in the Elemental Vault at 87.2, 46.6, on the ground at a small crossroad.

Retrieving the Artifact[]

The artifact is located at lat 91.7 lon 51.3

The easiest and shortest way to the artifact is to use a rock drake to climb to the ceiling of the cave and walk straight across while following the blue crystals.


  • Insane density of hostile creatures
  • Dangerous ravines
  • Radiation
  • Elemental water, causing 200 damage per second and immense destruction to Hazard Suit over time
  • Getting lost. Radiation will shred Hazard Suit and kill victims before starvation and dehydration




  • Rock Drake with ceiling-navigation should to be the only stable method for artifact retrieval. This seems to be purposed by game design.