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Emotes are a way to communicate by an action, not directly saying something. For example, your character can nod his head yes instead of physically typing or saying "yes."

There are currently 25 emotes in-game for both Male and Female survivors. However, the "Flex" emote can only be obtained by crafting it with 100 Prime Meat Jerky in a cooking pot during ARK: Summer Bash 2019.

Mini-HLNA Skin will show an icon on its screen eye whenever the survivor does an emote.

How to use an Emote[]

Tap one of the emote keys, by default theses are bound to [ (Left Bracket) and ] (Right Bracket).

To display the Emote Wheel press and hold one of the emote keys and the wheel will pop up.

How to Rebind an Emote[]

While the emote wheel is displayed hover over an emote and press either [ or ].

Emotes list[]


A simple but effective way to salute a tribe mate

Emote Salute.gif


A good way to say sorry and restore peace

Emote Sorry.gif


A great way to thank someone after a grateful action

Emote Thank.gif


Very simple way of attracting attention

Emote Wave.gif


An effective way to make fun of your friends

Emote Laugh.gif


Emote Yes.gif


Emote No.gif


Emote Taunt.gif


Emote Cheer.gif

Friendly Lower Hands

Emote FriendlyLowerHands.gif

Event Emotes[]


  • Emotes were first added in version 183.0.
  • Prior to v1.1.04 in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, survivors could not emote in Single Player.
  • Pets that emit a charge light in Aberration can be toggled on/off using the "Light!" emote when they are mounted on a survivor's shoulder.
  • Bloodstalker will attempt to mimic the Survivor if an emote is used while ridden, but refuses. Exceptions are "Thanks", "Yes", "Taunt" and "Dance/Panic".