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Disambig This article is about the Engrams in the base game, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1, and Genesis: Part 2. For the engrams in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, see Engrams (Mobile). For the engrams in the Primitive Plus DLC, see Engrams (Primitive Plus). For the contest in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, see Engram Enigma (Mobile).
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Engrams are permanent Crafting Recipes the player can unlock, and they provide a means of advancement & progression for players in ARK: Survival Evolved. There are a total of 477 engrams in the base game (including all Tekgrams). Unlike blueprints (lootable items that give you access to crafting recipes), Engrams are non-lootable, persist through player death, and do not take up any Weight or inventory space.

Once engrams are unlocked through leveling up and spending EP (Engram Points), you can craft various items such as weapons, equipment and clothing. All engrams in total cost 7107 Engram Points(v275.0) or 7663 including DLC Scorched Earth and 8220 including Aberration and 8653 including Extinction. As the player only gains 4441 engram points (or 11000+ in single player) in 155 levels(v304.1), you cannot unlock all engrams by yourself in multiplayer at the same time, unless you use the Nirvana Tonic Nirvana Tonic in ARK: Mobile. However, you can reset your learned engrams using Mindwipe Tonic Mindwipe Tonic.

Tekgrams are learned after defeating the bosses and are required to both craft and use Tek items.

For a table of how many engram points are learned per level, see Leveling.

Base Game Engrams[]

Engrams for level 1 are already unlocked. These engrams can also be unlocked in all DLCs (except for items that are exclusive to ARK: Mobile).

Name LevelEPPrerequisite(s)
Campfire Campfire 2 3
Cloth Boots Cloth Boots 3 3
Cloth Shirt Cloth Shirt 3 3
Cloth Gloves Cloth Gloves 3 3
Cloth Hat Cloth Hat 3 3
Cloth Pants Cloth Pants 3 3
Blood Extraction Syringe Blood Extraction Syringe 6 6 Waterskin Waterskin
Compass Compass 8 5
Cooking Pot Cooking Pot 8 9 Campfire Campfire
Bola Bola 9 8
Bow Bow 10 11 Slingshot Slingshot
Carbonemys Saddle Carbonemys Saddle 10 12
Cementing Paste Cementing Paste 13 3
Compost Bin Compost Bin 15 6 Storage Box Storage Box
Bug Repellant Bug Repellant 16 12
Dinosaur Gate Dinosaur Gate 18 5 Dinosaur Gateway Dinosaur Gateway
Dinosaur Gateway Dinosaur Gateway 18 7 Wooden Doorframe Wooden Doorframe
Feeding Trough Feeding Trough 18 12
Lesser Antidote Lesser Antidote 18 16
Bookshelf Bookshelf 19 15 Large Storage Box Large Storage Box
Mod ARK The Sunken World Sphyrna Saddle Sphyrna Saddle (Mod:ARK: The Sunken World) 20 10
Stone Fence Support Stone Fence Support 25 6 Wooden Fence Support Wooden Fence Support
Artifact Pedestal Artifact Pedestal 25 10
Crossbow Crossbow 25 12 Bow Bow
Bear Trap Bear Trap 28 9 Smithy Smithy
Ballista Turret Ballista Turret 29 25
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway 31 12 Stone Dinosaur Gateway Stone Dinosaur Gateway
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 31 16 Reinforced Dinosaur Gate Reinforced Dinosaur Gate
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway
Catapult Turret Catapult Turret 31 25 Ballista Turret Ballista Turret
Diplodocus Saddle Diplodocus Saddle 32 30
Deinonychus Saddle Deinonychus Saddle 32 30
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball 34 5
Doedicurus Saddle Doedicurus Saddle 34 20
Cannon Cannon 34 25 Catapult Turret Catapult Turret
Tree Sap Tap Tree Sap Tap 36 18 Cementing Paste Cementing Paste
Ankylo Saddle Ankylo Saddle 36 18
Beer Barrel Beer Barrel 36 24
Chitin Boots Chitin Boots 37 15 Hide Boots Hide Boots
Chitin Gauntlets Chitin Gauntlets 37 15 Hide Gloves Hide Gloves
Chitin Leggings Chitin Leggings 37 15 Hide Pants Hide Pants
Chitin Helmet Chitin Helmet 37 18 Hide Hat Hide Hat
Chitin Chestpiece Chitin Chestpiece 37 18 Hide Shirt Hide Shirt
Beelzebufo Saddle Beelzebufo Saddle 40 16
Araneo Saddle Araneo Saddle 40 18
Chalicotherium Saddle Chalicotherium Saddle 42 30
Dunkleosteus Saddle Dunkleosteus Saddle 44 20
Metal Foundation Metal Foundation 45 24 Stone Foundation Stone Foundation
Dire Bear Saddle Dire Bear Saddle 45 24
Carno Saddle Carno Saddle 46 21
Fabricator Fabricator 48 24 Smithy Smithy
Baryonyx Saddle Baryonyx Saddle 49 24
Lamppost Lamppost 50 20 Standing Torch Standing Torch
Camera Camera 50 30 Spyglass Spyglass
Magnifying Glass Magnifying Glass
Cryopod Cryopod 51 20
Chain Bola Chain Bola 51 30 Bola Bola
Canteen Canteen 54 24 Water Jar Water Jar
Fabricator Fabricator
Bunk Bed Bunk Bed 54 28 Simple Bed Simple Bed
Arthropluera Saddle Arthropluera Saddle 54 30
Advanced Bullet Advanced Bullet 55 8 Simple Bullet Simple Bullet
Behemoth Gate Behemoth Gate 57 15 Behemoth Gateway Behemoth Gateway
Metal Dinosaur Gate Metal Dinosaur Gate
Behemoth Gateway Behemoth Gateway 57 28 Metal Dinosaur Gateway Metal Dinosaur Gateway
Advanced Rifle Bullet Advanced Rifle Bullet 58 8 Simple Rifle Ammo Simple Rifle Ammo
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 58 24 Longneck Rifle Longneck Rifle
Daeodon Saddle Daeodon Saddle 59 24
Refrigerator Refrigerator 60 20 Large Storage Box Large Storage Box
Basilosaurus Saddle Basilosaurus Saddle 60 30
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner 61 21 Refrigerator Refrigerator
Castoroides Saddle Castoroides Saddle 61 50 Smithy Smithy
Argentavis Saddle Argentavis Saddle 62 21
Bronto Saddle Bronto Saddle 63 21
Industrial Grinder Industrial Grinder 64 45 Fabricator Fabricator
C4 Charge C4 Charge 65 12 Improvised Explosive Device Improvised Explosive Device
C4 Remote Detonator C4 Remote Detonator 65 24 Electronics Electronics
Auto Turret Auto Turret 68 40 Assault Rifle Assault Rifle
Therizinosaurus Saddle Therizinosaurus Saddle 69 40
Rex Saddle Rex Saddle 74 40
Compound Bow Compound Bow 79 40 Bow Bow
Fabricator Fabricator
Industrial Forge Industrial Forge 80 90 Refining Forge Refining Forge
Fabricator Fabricator
Bronto Platform Saddle Bronto Platform Saddle 82 35 Bronto Saddle Bronto Saddle
Chemistry Bench Chemistry Bench 82 65 Beer Barrel Beer Barrel
Fabricator Fabricator
Mortar And Pestle Mortar And Pestle
Advanced Sniper Bullet Advanced Sniper Bullet 83 16 Simple Rifle Ammo Simple Rifle Ammo
Absorbent Substrate Absorbent Substrate 84 60
Cryofridge Cryofridge 88 60 Large Storage Box Large Storage Box
Carcharodontosaurus Saddle Carcharodontosaurus Saddle 96 75
Giganotosaurus Saddle Giganotosaurus Saddle 96 75


Tekgrams are a special form of engrams that are awarded by defeating bosses. The engram is required to both craft and use the corresponding equipment, but is not needed to place already crafted building parts or ride tek saddles. But note, you cannot use the tek tier functions of the saddle.

Unlock all Tekgrams at once

Broodmother Lysrix Broodmother Lysrix Megapithecus Megapithecus Dragon Dragon Broodmother Lysrix+Megapithecus The Center The Center Manticore Manticore Scorched Earth Dragon+Manticore Ragnarok Arena Ragnarok 2 Rockwell Rockwell Aberration Desert Titan Desert Titan Extinction Forest Titan Forest Titan Extinction Ice Titan Ice Titan Extinction Dragon+Manticore+Megapithecus Valguero Valguero Moeder Moeder Genesis: Part 1 Corrupted Master Controller Corrupted Master Controller Genesis: Part 1 Crystal Wyvern Queen Crystal Wyvern Queen Crystal Isles Rockwell Prime Rockwell Prime Genesis: Part 2
G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. S. S. S. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A. G. B. A.
Required Level 30 3 50 70 45 65 85 55 75 100 70 80 90 55 70 95 70 80 90 60 75 100 1 1 1 30 30 70 1 1 1 1 1 1 55 75 100
Element Element 20 56 148 40 110 220 80 220 440 60 166 368 38 135 285 65 200 410 85 255 520 40 110 220
Astrocetus Tek Saddle (Genesis Part 1) Astrocetus Tek Saddle (Genesis: Part 1)
Behemoth Tek Gate Behemoth Tek Gate
Behemoth Tek Gateway Behemoth Tek Gateway
Cloning Chamber Cloning Chamber
Cruise Missile (Genesis Part 1) Cruise Missile (Genesis: Part 1)
Large Tek Wall Large Tek Wall
Megalodon Tek Saddle Megalodon Tek Saddle
Mosasaur Tek Saddle Mosasaur Tek Saddle
Rex Tek Saddle Rex Tek Saddle
Rock Drake Tek Saddle (Aberration) Rock Drake Tek Saddle (Aberration)
Sloped Tek Roof Sloped Tek Roof
Sloped Tek Wall Left Sloped Tek Wall Left
Sloped Tek Wall Right Sloped Tek Wall Right
Tapejara Tek Saddle Tapejara Tek Saddle
Tek Boots Tek Boots
Tek Catwalk Tek Catwalk
Tek Ceiling Tek Ceiling
Tek Chestpiece Tek Chestpiece
Tek Claws (Genesis Part 1) Tek Claws (Genesis: Part 1)
Tek Dedicated Storage Tek Dedicated Storage
Tek Dinosaur Gate Tek Dinosaur Gate
Tek Dinosaur Gateway Tek Dinosaur Gateway
Tek Door Tek Door
Tek Doorframe Tek Doorframe
Tek Double Door Tek Double Door
Tek Double Doorframe Tek Double Doorframe
Tek Fence Foundation Tek Fence Foundation
Tek Fence Support Tek Fence Support
Tek Forcefield Tek Forcefield
Tek Foundation Tek Foundation
Tek Gauntlets Tek Gauntlets
Tek Generator Tek Generator
Tek Grenade Tek Grenade
Tek Grenade Launcher (Genesis Part 1) Tek Grenade Launcher (Genesis: Part 1)
Tek Hatchframe Tek Hatchframe
Tek Helmet Tek Helmet
Tek Ladder Tek Ladder
Tek Leggings Tek Leggings
Tek Light (Ragnarok) Tek Light (Ragnarok)
Tek Pillar Tek Pillar
Tek Railing Tek Railing
Tek Ramp Tek Ramp
Tek Replicator Tek Replicator
Tek Rifle Tek Rifle
Tek Railgun (Aberration) Tek Railgun (Aberration)
Tek Sensor (Genesis Part 1) Tek Sensor (Genesis: Part 1)
Tek Shield (Ragnarok) Tek Shield (Ragnarok)
Tek Shoulder Cannon (Genesis Part 1) Tek Shoulder Cannon (Genesis: Part 1)
Tek Sleeping Pod (Aberration) Tek Sleeping Pod (Aberration)
Tek Staircase Tek Staircase
Tek Stairs Tek Stairs
Tek Sword (Ragnarok) Tek Sword (Ragnarok)
Tek Teleporter Tek Teleporter
Tek Transmitter Tek Transmitter
Tek Trapdoor Tek Trapdoor
Tek Trough Tek Trough
Tek Triangle Ceiling Tek Triangle Ceiling
Tek Triangle Foundation Tek Triangle Foundation
Tek Triangle Roof Tek Triangle Roof
Tek Turret Tek Turret
Tek Wall Tek Wall
Tek Window Tek Window
Tek Windowframe Tek Windowframe
Unassembled Exo-Mek (Genesis Part 2) Unassembled Exo-Mek (Genesis: Part 2)
Unassembled TEK Hover Skiff (Genesis Part 1) Unassembled TEK Hover Skiff (Genesis: Part 1)
Vacuum Compartment Vacuum Compartment
Vacuum Compartment Moonpool Vacuum Compartment Moonpool

Harder difficulties in a particular boss will award the engrams from all previous difficulties.
2Ragnarok Arena contains Manticore Manticore and Dragon Dragon, which give their Tekgrams upon death. Defeating both unlocks the exclusive Tekgram listed.
3 This is the level required to enter the Easy Arena for Broodmother Lysrix Broodmother Lysrix, the lowest level arena.

Scorched Earth Engrams[]

Scorched Earth DLC This section is about content exclusive to the DLC: Scorched Earth

These engrams can also be unlocked in the Genesis: Part 2, Ragnarok, Valguero, Crystal Isles, and Lost Island DLCs.

Name LevelEPPrerequisite(s)
Clay (Scorched Earth) Clay (Scorched Earth) 5 3
Boomerang (Scorched Earth) Boomerang (Scorched Earth) 10 2
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 15 6 Thatch Foundation Thatch Foundation
Desert Cloth Shirt (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Shirt (Scorched Earth) 28 4 Cloth Shirt Cloth Shirt
Desert Cloth Pants (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Pants (Scorched Earth) 28 5 Cloth Pants Cloth Pants
Desert Cloth Boots (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Boots (Scorched Earth) 28 7 Cloth Boots Cloth Boots
Desert Cloth Gloves (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Gloves (Scorched Earth) 28 7 Cloth Gloves Cloth Gloves
Desert Goggles and Hat (Scorched Earth) Desert Goggles and Hat (Scorched Earth) 28 7 Cloth Hat Cloth Hat
Chainsaw (Scorched Earth) Chainsaw (Scorched Earth) 55 21 Shotgun Shotgun
Cluster Grenade (Scorched Earth) Cluster Grenade (Scorched Earth) 80 8 Grenade Grenade

Aberration Engrams[]

Aberration DLC This section is about content exclusive to the DLC: Aberration

These engrams can also be unlocked in the Genesis: Part 2, Valguero, Crystal Isles, and Lost Island DLCs.

Name LevelEPPrerequisite(s)
Climbing Pick (Aberration) Climbing Pick (Aberration) 34 16 Metal Pick Metal Pick
Charge Battery (Aberration) Charge Battery (Aberration) 71 22 Glow Stick (Aberration) Glow Stick (Aberration)
Charge Lantern (Aberration) Charge Lantern (Aberration) 80 32 Charge Battery (Aberration) Charge Battery (Aberration)
Basilisk Saddle (Aberration) Basilisk Saddle (Aberration) 85 28

Extinction Engrams[]

Extinction DLC This section is about content exclusive to the DLC: Extinction

These engrams can also be unlocked in the Genesis: Part 2 and Lost Island DLCs.

Name LevelEPPrerequisite(s)
Delivery Crate (Extinction) Delivery Crate (Extinction) 16 6
Dino Leash (Extinction) Dino Leash (Extinction) 22 6
Tek Gravity Grenade (Extinction) Tek Gravity Grenade (Extinction) 79 20 Gunpowder Gunpowder
Unassembled Mek (Extinction) Unassembled Mek (Extinction) 91 38
Cannon Shell (Extinction) Cannon Shell (Extinction) 97 35
M.S.C.M. (Extinction) M.S.C.M. (Extinction) 97 40

Genesis: Part 1 Engrams[]

Genesis Part 1 DLC This section is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 1

These engrams can also be unlocked in the Genesis: Part 2 and Lost Island DLCs.

Genesis: Part 2 Engrams[]

Genesis Part 2 DLC This section is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 2

These engrams can also be unlocked in the Lost Island DLC.

Name LevelEPPrerequisite(s)
Canoe (Genesis Part 2) Canoe (Genesis: Part 2) 8 10
Ammo Box (Genesis Part 2) Ammo Box (Genesis: Part 2) 29 24 Large Storage Box Large Storage Box
Jar of Pitch (Genesis Part 2) Jar of Pitch (Genesis: Part 2) 35 18 Catapult Turret Catapult Turret
Net Projectile (Genesis Part 2) Net Projectile (Genesis: Part 2) 43 12 Harpoon Launcher Harpoon Launcher
Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle (Genesis Part 2) Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle (Genesis: Part 2) 120 60

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