ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

In ARK: Survival Evolved, you gain experience for a number of actions including, but not limited to crafting, harvesting, and killing dinos.

If you are a part of a Tribe (clan), Tribal Experience is earned when you are within 100 meters of another tribe member that earns experience (as verified by tracker). The Tribal Experience amount is 50% of the amount earned by the originator.

For example: if one tribe member crafts a widget that earns 100 XP, nearby tribe members will earn 50 XP.

Tamed dinosaurs also get a "drip" of 0.66 XP per minute (1 XP per 90 seconds), when a human is logged in and within range. However, tamed dinos do not receive any Tribal Experience from crafting as a fellow tribemember would (Unless that tribemember is sitting on a rideable dino when you are crafting items).

XP is used to level your character or creatures, which makes them stronger. Tips on how to level fast can be found on Leveling.

Experience for Item Crafting[]

Adobe Ceiling (Primitive Plus) Adobe Ceiling (Primitive Plus) 32
Adobe Door (Primitive Plus) Adobe Door (Primitive Plus) 10
Adobe Doorframe (Primitive Plus) Adobe Doorframe (Primitive Plus) 12.48
Adobe Foundation (Primitive Plus) Adobe Foundation (Primitive Plus) 37.2
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 4.4
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 5.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 7.76
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 7.76
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 8.76
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 8.76
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 10
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 10
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 11.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 11.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 11.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 12
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 12.4
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 12.4
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 13.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 14
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 15.2
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 17.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 20
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 26
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 26.8
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 27.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 28.8
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 31.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 31.6
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 41.2
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 48
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 52.8
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 56
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 64
Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) Adobe Structures (Scorched Earth) 80
Adobe Wall (Primitive Plus) Adobe Wall (Primitive Plus) 10.8
Adobe Windowframe (Primitive Plus) Adobe Windowframe (Primitive Plus) 20
Advanced Bullet Advanced Bullet 0.8
Advanced Rifle Bullet Advanced Rifle Bullet 2.4
Advanced Sniper Bullet Advanced Sniper Bullet 2.4
Advanced Workbench (Primitive Plus) Advanced Workbench (Primitive Plus) 60
Air Conditioner Air Conditioner 200
Air Drums Emote Air Drums Emote 4
Air Guitar Emote Air Guitar Emote 4
Alpha Raptor Swim Bottom Skin Alpha Raptor Swim Bottom Skin 12.8
Alpha Raptor Swim Top Skin Alpha Raptor Swim Top Skin 4
Amarberry Juice (Primitive Plus) Amarberry Juice (Primitive Plus) 4
Amargasaurus Saddle (Lost Island) Amargasaurus Saddle (Lost Island) 160
Ammo Box (Genesis Part 2) Ammo Box (Genesis: Part 2) 4
File:Andrewsarchus Saddle.png Andrewsarchus Saddle 251.2
Angler Hat Skin Angler Hat Skin 48
Ankylo Saddle Ankylo Saddle 158.4
APS Mailbox (Primitive Plus) APS Mailbox (Primitive Plus) 8
Araneo Saddle Araneo Saddle 206.4
Araneo Swim Bottom Skin Araneo Swim Bottom Skin 20
Araneo Swim Top Skin Araneo Swim Top Skin 20
Archer Flex Emote Archer Flex Emote 4
Argentavis Saddle Argentavis Saddle 289.6
ARK Anniversary Surprise Cake ARK Anniversary Surprise Cake 0.4
Arthropluera Saddle Arthropluera Saddle 52.4
Artifact Pedestal Artifact Pedestal 14.8
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 140
Astrocetus Tek Saddle (Genesis Part 1) Astrocetus Tek Saddle (Genesis: Part 1) 344
Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle (Genesis Part 2) Astrodelphis Starwing Saddle (Genesis: Part 2) 344
Auto Turret Auto Turret 280
Backflip Emote Backflip Emote 4
Bakers Oven (Primitive Plus) Bakers Oven (Primitive Plus) 10
Ballista Turret Ballista Turret 480
Barrel of Gunpowder (Primitive Plus) Barrel of Gunpowder (Primitive Plus) 14.8
Baryonyx Saddle Baryonyx Saddle 70.4
Basic Kibble Basic Kibble 4
Basilisk Saddle (Aberration) Basilisk Saddle (Aberration) 220
Basilosaurus Saddle Basilosaurus Saddle 70.4
BattleAxe (Primitive Plus) BattleAxe (Primitive Plus) 20
Bear Trap Bear Trap 32
File:BearHug Swim Bottom Skin.png BearHug Swim Bottom Skin 12.8
File:BearHug Swim Top Skin.png BearHug Swim Top Skin 20
Beelzebufo Saddle Beelzebufo Saddle 115.2
Beer Barrel Beer Barrel 80
Behemoth Gate Behemoth Gate 108
Behemoth Gateway Behemoth Gateway 176
Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate Behemoth Reinforced Dinosaur Gate 60
Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway Behemoth Stone Dinosaur Gateway 80
Behemoth Tek Gate Behemoth Tek Gate 216
Behemoth Tek Gateway Behemoth Tek Gateway 352
Bicep Smooch Emote Bicep Smooch Emote 4
Big Bonfire (Primitive Plus) Big Bonfire (Primitive Plus) 10
Big Campfire (Primitive Plus) Big Campfire (Primitive Plus) 10
Big Fence - Post (Primitive Plus) Big Fence - Post (Primitive Plus) 4.76
Birthday Suit Pants Skin Birthday Suit Pants Skin 4
Birthday Suit Shirt Skin Birthday Suit Shirt Skin 4
Biscuit Batter (Primitive Plus) Biscuit Batter (Primitive Plus) 4
Blood Extraction Syringe Blood Extraction Syringe 2.4
Blue-Ball Winter Beanie Skin Blue-Ball Winter Beanie Skin 120
Bola Bola 4
Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) Bonemeal Fertilizer (Primitive Plus) 8
Bookshelf Bookshelf 28.8
Boomerang (Scorched Earth) Boomerang (Scorched Earth) 4
Boulder Boulder 0.2
Bow Bow 20
Bow & Eros Skin Bow & Eros Skin 400
Brazier (Primitive Plus) Brazier (Primitive Plus) 40
Bread Dough (Primitive Plus) Bread Dough (Primitive Plus) 4
Brick Dinosaur Gate (Primitive Plus) Brick Dinosaur Gate (Primitive Plus) 40
Brick Dinosaur Gateway (Primitive Plus) Brick Dinosaur Gateway (Primitive Plus) 80
Brick Wall (Primitive Plus) Brick Wall (Primitive Plus) 10.8
Brick Windowframe (Primitive Plus) Brick Windowframe (Primitive Plus) 22.08
Bronto Platform Saddle Bronto Platform Saddle 1,848
Bronto Saddle Bronto Saddle 444
Bug Repellant Bug Repellant 4
Bulbdog-Print Shirt Skin Bulbdog-Print Shirt Skin 12.8
Bunk Bed Bunk Bed 203.2
Bunny Costume Skin Bunny Costume Skin 4
Bunny Hop Dance Emote Bunny Hop Dance Emote 200
Bunny Tail Skin Bunny Tail Skin 4
C4 Charge C4 Charge 145
C4 Remote Detonator C4 Remote Detonator 212
Cake Batter (Primitive Plus) Cake Batter (Primitive Plus) 4
Camera Camera 8
Campfire Campfire 14
Candle (Primitive Plus) Candle (Primitive Plus) 10
Cannon Cannon 22
Cannon Ball Cannon Ball 1.6
Cannon Shell (Extinction) Cannon Shell (Extinction) 14.4
Canteen Canteen 13
Carbonemys Saddle Carbonemys Saddle 99.2
Carcharodontosaurus Saddle Carcharodontosaurus Saddle 1,200
Carno Saddle Carno Saddle 289.6
Castoroides Saddle Castoroides Saddle 206
Catapult Turret Catapult Turret 836
Cauldron (Primitive Plus) Cauldron (Primitive Plus) 78
Ceiling Lamp (Primitive Plus) Ceiling Lamp (Primitive Plus) 3.6
Cement Mixer (Primitive Plus) Cement Mixer (Primitive Plus) 29
Cementing Paste Cementing Paste 4.8
Chain Bola Chain Bola 1.6
Chainsaw (Scorched Earth) Chainsaw (Scorched Earth) 120
Chalicotherium Saddle Chalicotherium Saddle 88.8
Charge Battery (Aberration) Charge Battery (Aberration) 4
Charge Lantern (Aberration) Charge Lantern (Aberration) 26.4
Chemistry Bench Chemistry Bench 132
Chitin Chitin 16
Chitin Boots Chitin Boots 6.4
Chitin Chestpiece Chitin Chestpiece 10.4
Chitin Gauntlets Chitin Gauntlets 5.2
Chitin Helmet Chitin Helmet 7.6
Chitin Leggings Chitin Leggings 12.8
Cigarette (Primitive Plus) Cigarette (Primitive Plus) 4
Clay (Scorched Earth) Clay (Scorched Earth) 0.24
Climbing Pick (Aberration) Climbing Pick (Aberration) 4
Cloth Boots Cloth Boots 3.2
Cloth Gloves Cloth Gloves 2.4
Cloth Hat Cloth Hat 2.4
Cloth Pants Cloth Pants 4
Cloth Shirt Cloth Shirt 3.2
Compass Compass 7.6
Compost Bin Compost Bin 24
Compound Bow Compound Bow 20
Construction Table (Primitive Plus) Construction Table (Primitive Plus) 25
Cookie Dough (Primitive Plus) Cookie Dough (Primitive Plus) 0.8
Cooking Pot Cooking Pot 78
Cooking Station (Primitive Plus) Cooking Station (Primitive Plus) 29
Cool Noglin-Print Shirt Skin Cool Noglin-Print Shirt Skin 12.8
Corn Starch (Primitive Plus) Corn Starch (Primitive Plus) 4
Crab Fest Swim Bottom Skin Crab Fest Swim Bottom Skin 12.8
Crab Fest Swim Top Skin Crab Fest Swim Top Skin 4
Crossbow Crossbow 36
Cruise Missile (Genesis Part 1) Cruise Missile (Genesis: Part 1) 972
Cryofridge Cryofridge 292
Cryopod Cryopod 45.4
Cupid Couture Bottom Skin Cupid Couture Bottom Skin 200
Cupid Couture Top Skin Cupid Couture Top Skin 200
Daeodon Saddle Daeodon Saddle 251.2
Dance Emote Dance Emote 200
Deadfall Trap (Primitive Plus) Deadfall Trap (Primitive Plus) 32
Deinonychus Saddle Deinonychus Saddle 70.4
Delivery Crate (Extinction) Delivery Crate (Extinction) 14.8
Desert Cloth Boots (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Boots (Scorched Earth) 2.8
Desert Cloth Gloves (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Gloves (Scorched Earth) 2
Desert Cloth Pants (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Pants (Scorched Earth) 5.6
Desert Cloth Shirt (Scorched Earth) Desert Cloth Shirt (Scorched Earth) 6
Desert Goggles and Hat (Scorched Earth) Desert Goggles and Hat (Scorched Earth) 3.2
Desmodus Saddle Desmodus Saddle 88.8
Dinghy (Primitive Plus) Dinghy (Primitive Plus) 375
File:Dino Candy.png Dino Candy 4
File:Dino Candy.png Dino Candy 40
Dino Leash (Extinction) Dino Leash (Extinction) 32
Dino Party Hat Skin Dino Party Hat Skin 4
Dino Uncle Sam Hat Skin Dino Uncle Sam Hat Skin 48
Dinosaur Gate Dinosaur Gate 27.6
Dinosaur Gateway Dinosaur Gateway 48.8
Diplodocus Saddle Diplodocus Saddle 88.8
Dire Bear Saddle Dire Bear Saddle 88.8
Dodorex Swim Bottom Skin Dodorex Swim Bottom Skin 20
Dodorex Swim Top Skin Dodorex Swim Top Skin 20
Dodorex-Print Shirt Skin Dodorex-Print Shirt Skin 20
Doedicurus Saddle Doedicurus Saddle 125.6
Dunkleosteus Saddle Dunkleosteus Saddle 204.8
E4 Remote Eggsplosives Skin E4 Remote Eggsplosives Skin 400
Easter Egghead Skin Easter Egghead Skin 48
Exceptional Kibble Exceptional Kibble 4
Fabricator Fabricator 132
Feeding Trough Feeding Trough 14.8
Giganotosaurus Saddle Giganotosaurus Saddle 1,212
Industrial Forge Industrial Forge 20
Industrial Grinder Industrial Grinder 132
Jar of Pitch (Genesis Part 2) Jar of Pitch (Genesis: Part 2) 0.2
Lamppost Lamppost 28.8
Lesser Antidote Lesser Antidote 4
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 2.16
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 22.08
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 22.24
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 28
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 40
File:Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus).png Lumber Structures (Primitive Plus) 48.6
M.S.C.M. (Extinction) M.S.C.M. (Extinction) 107.2
Meat Preserving Shed (Primitive Plus) Meat Preserving Shed (Primitive Plus) 60
Metal Foundation Metal Foundation 92
Mod ARK The Sunken World Sphyrna Saddle Sphyrna Saddle (Mod:ARK: The Sunken World) 240
File:Mod Godzillark Prime Fish Irradiated.png Godzillark/Prime Fish Irradiated 100
Net Projectile (Genesis Part 2) Net Projectile (Genesis: Part 2) 0.8
Procoptodon Bunny Costume Procoptodon Bunny Costume 4
Refrigerator Refrigerator 292
Rex Saddle Rex Saddle 344
Rex Tek Saddle Rex Tek Saddle 344
Stone Fence Support Stone Fence Support 12
Tek Forcefield Tek Forcefield 132
Tek Gravity Grenade (Extinction) Tek Gravity Grenade (Extinction) 45.4
Therizinosaurus Saddle Therizinosaurus Saddle 88.8
Tree Sap Tap Tree Sap Tap 6
Unassembled Mek (Extinction) Unassembled Mek (Extinction) 4

XP for Harvesting Resources[]

XP for Killing Dinosaurs[]

This XP chart is for all dinos at level 1. XP gain increases by 10% of this base value for each extra level. So the formula is: BaseXP + BaseXP x 0.1 x (Level - 1)

A general XP multiplier can be found by the following formula: BaseXP × (1 + 0.1 × (Level - 1))

Example of a few levels would be:

XP Multiplier Level
BaseXP × 1.0 1
BaseXP × 1.4 5
BaseXP × 3.0 21
BaseXP × 6.0 51
BaseXP × 11.0 101
BaseXP × 16.0 151

E.g. Base value is 4, so 10% is 0.4; XP for Level 1 is 4; for Level 2 is 4 + 0.4 = 4.4; for Level 3 is 4 + 0.8 = 4.8

Achatina Achatina8
Acrocanthosaurus Acrocanthosaurus140
Allosaurus Allosaurus72
Allosaurus Allosaurus72
Alpha Basilisk Alpha Basilisk3,200
Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern?
Alpha Carnotaurus Alpha Carnotaurus1,840
Alpha Deathworm Alpha Deathworm60,000
Alpha Fire Wyvern Alpha Fire Wyvern6,000
Alpha Karkinos Alpha Karkinos3,400
Alpha Leedsichthys Alpha Leedsichthys6,000
Alpha Megalodon Alpha Megalodon3,120
Alpha Mosasaur Alpha Mosasaur6,400
Alpha Raptor Alpha Raptor1,060
Alpha Surface Reaper King Alpha Surface Reaper King?
Alpha T-Rex Alpha T-Rex3,540
Alpha Tusoteuthis Alpha Tusoteuthis8,800
Alpha X-Triceratops Alpha X-Triceratops?
Ammonite Ammonite4
Andrewsarchus Andrewsarchus?
Anglerfish Anglerfish32
Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus24
Araneo Araneo8
Archaeopteryx Archaeopteryx2
Argentavis Argentavis28
Argentustus Argentustus14
Arthropluera Arthropluera16
Astrocetus Astrocetus?
Astrodelphis Astrodelphis12
Attack Drone Attack Drone0
Aurochs Aurochs?
Baryonyx Baryonyx20
Basilisk Basilisk16
Basilisk Ghost Basilisk Ghost16
Basilosaurus Basilosaurus60
Beelzebufo Beelzebufo8
Beelzemorbus Beelzemorbus4
Blood Crystal Wyvern Blood Crystal Wyvern?
Bloodstalker Bloodstalker?
Bone Fire Wyvern Bone Fire Wyvern6,000
Brontosaurus Brontosaurus88
Broodgenetrix Broodgenetrix16
Broodmother Lysrix Broodmother Lysrix32
Brute Araneo Brute Araneo?
Brute Astrocetus Brute Astrocetus?
Brute Basilosaurus Brute Basilosaurus?
Brute Bloodstalker Brute Bloodstalker?
Brute Ferox Brute Ferox?
Brute Fire Wyvern Brute Fire Wyvern?
Brute Leedsichthys Brute Leedsichthys?
Brute Magmasaur Brute Magmasaur?
Brute Malfunctioned Tek Giganotosaurus Brute Malfunctioned Tek Giganotosaurus?
Brute Malfunctioned Tek Rex Brute Malfunctioned Tek Rex?
Brute Mammoth Brute Mammoth?
Brute Megaloceros Brute Megaloceros?
Brute Plesiosaur Brute Plesiosaur?
Brute Reaper King Brute Reaper King?
Brute Sarco Brute Sarco?
Brute Seeker Brute Seeker?
Brute Tusoteuthis Brute Tusoteuthis?
Brute X-Allosaurus Brute X-Allosaurus?
Brute X-Megalodon Brute X-Megalodon?
Brute X-Mosasaurus Brute X-Mosasaurus?
Brute X-Raptor Brute X-Raptor?
Brute X-Rex Brute X-Rex?
Brute X-Rock Elemental Brute X-Rock Elemental?
Brute X-Spino Brute X-Spino?
Brute X-Yutyrannus Brute X-Yutyrannus?
Bulbdog Bulbdog8
Bulbdog Ghost Bulbdog Ghost8
Bunny Dodo Bunny Dodo2
Bunny Oviraptor Bunny Oviraptor8
Carbonemys Carbonemys8
Carcharodontosaurus Carcharodontosaurus?
Carnotaurus Carnotaurus72
Castoroides Castoroides16
Chalicotherium Chalicotherium24
Chalk Golem Chalk Golem200
Cnidaria Cnidaria4
Coelacanth Coelacanth2
Compy Compy2
Crystal Wyvern Crystal Wyvern?
Crystal Wyvern Queen Crystal Wyvern Queen?
Cubozoa Multis Cubozoa Multis2
Daeodon Daeodon20
Deathworm Deathworm12,000
Defense Unit Defense Unit0
Deinonychus Deinonychus12
Desert Titan Desert Titan8
Desert Titan Flock Desert Titan Flock8
Desmodus Desmodus20
Dilophosaur Dilophosaur4
Dimetrodon Dimetrodon16
Dimorphodon Dimorphodon8
Diplocaulus Diplocaulus8
Diplodocus Diplodocus24
Dire Bear Dire Bear16
Dire Polar Bear Dire Polar Bear16
Direwolf Direwolf24
Direwolf Ghost Direwolf Ghost24
Diseased Leech Diseased Leech4
Dodo Dodo2
Dodo Wyvern Dodo Wyvern480
Dodobitus Dodobitus1
DodoRex DodoRex120
Doedicurus Doedicurus28
Doedicurus Vastus Doedicurus Vastus14
Dragon Dragon12,000
Dung Beetle Dung Beetle8
Dunkleosteus Dunkleosteus48
Eel Minion Eel Minion?
Electrophorus Electrophorus32
Elemental Reaper King Elemental Reaper King?
Ember Crystal Wyvern Ember Crystal Wyvern?
Enforcer Enforcer8
Enraged Corrupted Rex Enraged Corrupted Rex2,400
Enraged Triceratops Enraged Triceratops1,800
Equus Equus4
Eurypterid Eurypterid4
Exo-Mek Exo-Mek?
Experimental Giganotosaurus Experimental Giganotosaurus?
Featherlight Featherlight8
Fenrir Fenrir?
Ferox Ferox?
Fire Wyvern Fire Wyvern480
Fjordhawk Fjordhawk?
Forest Titan Forest Titan0
Forest Wyvern Forest Wyvern480
Gacha Gacha8
GachaClaus GachaClaus8
Gallimimus Gallimimus4
Gasbags Gasbags8
Giant Bee Giant Bee4
File:Giant Monarch Butterfly.png Giant Monarch Butterfly?
Giant Queen Bee Giant Queen Bee4
Giant Worker Bee Giant Worker Bee?
Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus800
Gigantopithecus Gigantopithecus80
Glowbug Glowbug4
Glowtail Glowtail8
Golden Striped Brute Megalodon Golden Striped Brute Megalodon?
Golden Striped Megalodon Golden Striped Megalodon?
Griffin Griffin12
Gula Beetle Gula Beetle4
Hesperornis Hesperornis2
Human Human0
Hyaenodon Hyaenodon72
Ice Golem Ice Golem200
Ice Titan Ice Titan8
Ice Wyvern Ice Wyvern480
Iceworm Male Iceworm Male400
Iceworm Queen Iceworm Queen60,000
Ichthyornis Ichthyornis12
Ichthyosaurus Ichthyosaurus16
Iguanodon Iguanodon4
Injured Brute Reaper King Injured Brute Reaper King?
Insect Swarm Insect Swarm?
Jerboa Jerboa2
Jug Bug Jug Bug4
Kairuku Kairuku2
Kaprosuchus Kaprosuchus20
Karkinos Karkinos24
Kentrosaurus Kentrosaurus20
King Titan King Titan8
Lamprey Lamprey0
Lava Elemental Lava Elemental200
Leech Leech4
Leedsichthys Leedsichthys60
Lightning Wyvern Lightning Wyvern480
Liopleurodon Liopleurodon48
Lymantria Lymantria12
Lystrosaurus Lystrosaurus2
Macro-Summoner Macro-Summoner8
Macrophage Macrophage8
Maewing Maewing8
Magmasaur Magmasaur480
Mammoth Mammoth32
Managarmr Managarmr72
Manta Manta16
Manticore Manticore12,000
Mantis Mantis8
Mantis Ghost Mantis Ghost8
Mega Mek Mega Mek8
Megacerops Megacerops?
Megachelon Megachelon?
Megalania Megalania8
Megaloceros Megaloceros16
Megalodon Megalodon48
Megalosaurus Megalosaurus100
Meganeura Meganeura12
Megapithecus Megapithecus12,000
Megapithecus Pestis Megapithecus Pestis6,000
Megatherium Megatherium16
Mek Mek8
Mesopithecus Mesopithecus8
Microraptor Microraptor4
Moeder, Master of the Ocean Moeder, Master of the Ocean?
Morellatops Morellatops16
Mosasaurus Mosasaurus60
Moschops Moschops24
Nameless Nameless0
Noctis Noctis2
Noglin Noglin2
Obsidioequus Obsidioequus12
Oil Jug Bug Oil Jug Bug4
Onyc Onyc12
Otter Otter16
Overseer Overseer0
Oviraptor Oviraptor8
Ovis Ovis4
Pachy Pachy8
Pachyrhinosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus16
Paraceratherium Paraceratherium48
Parakeet Fish School Parakeet Fish School?
Parasaur Parasaur4
Party Dodo Party Dodo2
Pegomastax Pegomastax2
Pelagornis Pelagornis12
Phiomia Phiomia4
Phoenix Phoenix12
Piranha Piranha4
Plesiosaur Plesiosaur60
Poison Wyvern Poison Wyvern480
Polar Bear Polar Bear16
Polar Purlovia Polar Purlovia24
Procoptodon Procoptodon8
Pteranodon Pteranodon12
Pulmonoscorpius Pulmonoscorpius24
Purlovia Purlovia24
Quetzal Quetzal72
R-Allosaurus R-Allosaurus72
R-Brontosaurus R-Brontosaurus88
R-Carbonemys R-Carbonemys8
R-Carnotaurus R-Carnotaurus72
R-Daeodon R-Daeodon20
R-Dilophosaur R-Dilophosaur4
R-Direwolf R-Direwolf24
R-Equus R-Equus4
R-Gasbags R-Gasbags8
R-Giganotosaurus R-Giganotosaurus800
R-Megatherium R-Megatherium16
R-Parasaur R-Parasaur4
R-Procoptodon R-Procoptodon8
R-Quetzal R-Quetzal72
R-Reaper King R-Reaper King0
R-Reaper Queen R-Reaper Queen0
R-Snow Owl R-Snow Owl8
R-Thylacoleo R-Thylacoleo20
R-Velonasaur R-Velonasaur4
Raptor Raptor12
Rare X-Sabertooth Salmon Rare X-Sabertooth Salmon2
Ravager Ravager24
Reaper Reaper0
Reaper King Reaper King0
Reaper Prince Reaper Prince0
Reaper Queen Reaper Queen0
Rex Rex120
Rex Ghost Rex Ghost120
Rock Drake Rock Drake8
Rock Elemental Rock Elemental200
Rockwell Rockwell12,000
Rockwell Node Rockwell Node8
Rockwell Prime Rockwell Prime8
Roll Rat Roll Rat28
Royal Griffin Royal Griffin12
Rubble Golem Rubble Golem200
Sabertooth Sabertooth20
Sabertooth Salmon Sabertooth Salmon2
Sarco Sarco20
Scout Scout12
Seeker Seeker12
Shadowmane Shadowmane20
Shinehorn Shinehorn8
Snow Owl Snow Owl8
Snow Owl Ghost Snow Owl Ghost8
Spino Spino240
Spirit Dire Bear Spirit Dire Bear16
Spirit Direwolf Spirit Direwolf24
Stegosaurus Stegosaurus20
Subterranean Reaper King Subterranean Reaper King?
Summoner Summoner8
Super Turkey Super Turkey2
Surface Reaper King Surface Reaper King?
Surface Reaper King Ghost Surface Reaper King Ghost?
Tapejara Tapejara12
Terror Bird Terror Bird16
Therizinosaur Therizinosaur72
Thorny Dragon Thorny Dragon24
Thylacoleo Thylacoleo20
Titanoboa Titanoboa16
Titanomyrma Titanomyrma4
Titanomyrma Drone Titanomyrma Drone4
Titanomyrma Soldier Titanomyrma Soldier4
Titanosaur Titanosaur80,000
Triceratops Triceratops16
Trilobite Trilobite4
Troodon Troodon4
Tropeognathus Tropeognathus?
Tropical Crystal Wyvern Tropical Crystal Wyvern?
Tusoteuthis Tusoteuthis400
Unicorn Unicorn4
Velonasaur Velonasaur4
Voidwyrm Voidwyrm480
VR Allosaurus VR Allosaurus72
VR Araneo VR Araneo8
VR Argentavis VR Argentavis28
VR Astrodelphis VR Astrodelphis12
VR Bloodstalker VR Bloodstalker?
VR Carnotaurus VR Carnotaurus72
VR Chalicotherium VR Chalicotherium24
VR Dilophosaur VR Dilophosaur4
VR Dimorphodon VR Dimorphodon8
VR Enforcer VR Enforcer8
VR Ferox VR Ferox?
VR Kaprosuchus VR Kaprosuchus20
VR Karkinos VR Karkinos24
VR Lymantria VR Lymantria12
VR Mantis VR Mantis8
VR Megalania VR Megalania8
VR Megatherium VR Megatherium16
VR Onyc VR Onyc12
VR Pachy VR Pachy8
VR Parasaur VR Parasaur4
VR Pulmonoscorpius VR Pulmonoscorpius24
VR Raptor VR Raptor12
VR Ravager VR Ravager24
VR Rex VR Rex120
VR Shadowmane VR Shadowmane20
VR Stegosaurus VR Stegosaurus20
VR Tapejara VR Tapejara12
VR Terror Bird VR Terror Bird16
VR Titanoboa VR Titanoboa16
VR Triceratops VR Triceratops16
VR Velonasaur VR Velonasaur4
Vulture Vulture12
Water Jug Bug Water Jug Bug4
Woolly Rhino Woolly Rhino16
Wyvern Wyvern480
Yeti Yeti80
Yutyrannus Yutyrannus120
Zombie Fire Wyvern Zombie Fire Wyvern480
Zombie Lightning Wyvern Zombie Lightning Wyvern480
Zombie Poison Wyvern Zombie Poison Wyvern480
Zombie Wyvern Zombie Wyvern480
Zomdodo Zomdodo2
  • Size modifiers on the Coelacanths and Sabertooth Salmons do not affect the amount of XP they give.