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Extinction DLC
DLC about the Corrupted Earth of ARK.
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Release Dates
November 6th, 2018
Xbox One
November 13th, 2018
November 13th, 2018
Nintendo Switch
April 11th, 2023
Epic Games
June 11th, 2020
September 1st, 2021
Jesse Twitter ARK: Extinction is going to challenge and delight you in all sorts of new ways.
~ Jesse[1]

Extinction is the third paid Expansion Pack for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Extinction was released on November 6th, 2018 for PC and released on November 13th for Xbox One and PS4, and is available for purchase through the Season Pass.


Extinction places survivors on an Element Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic and technological. Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation.

The Corrupted Earth Map[]

Extinction Topographic Map
Regions of the Extinction

This map, set on Ravaged Earth rather than an ARK up in space, forces players to survive an Earth unfamiliar to us: one of strange features and stranger creatures. In the center of the map lies an abandoned city, usually referred to as the Great City or Sanctuary. It is the remains of some great technologically advanced civilization, the same one that built the ARKs. Outside of the city borders, pockets of life can be hard to find among the corrupted wasteland. They are still there, however, in the protective borders of the Proto-ARKs. To the southeast, the desert Proto-ARK exists. To the north, the Snow Dome, a second Proto-ARK. Another exists to the northwest, called the Sunken Forest, which was supposed to be another ARK but failed when it collapsed into the ground, presumably due to there being a large sinkhole underneath it. Strangely enough, the Proto-ARKs represent past challenges the survivor has faced: the Sanctuary and Snow Dome vaguely representing The Island, the Desert Dome representing Scorched Earth, and the Sunken Forest bearing similarities to Aberration.

Toward the bottom left of the map lie the Sulfur Fields. Despite containing acid in place of water, and being harsh, dry and rocky, it is one of the more liveable areas of the wasteland; and due to containing sulfur, gas and sap, it can be worth visiting for it's resources. The Forbidden Zone, considered by some players to be the most dangerous part of the wasteland, makes up the northern center of the map and is overall paler in colour than the rest of the area. It contains a flat, open area at the top of the Zone, where the King Titan is fought.

The central south of the wasteland holds the Sweeping Spires and the Sludge Basin. The Spires are formed of sweeping, curving cliffs and, as it's name suggests, spires, and borders the dropoff at the edge of the map. The Sludge Basin is tucked beneath the cliffs of the Spires, and is primarily filled by rivers of murky goo. Despite being called 'dead' this Earth may be more alive than we first thought, but with life we don't understand.

New Resources

Corrupted Earth features several new resources as well as existing ones from previous DLCs. Some of these resources, such as Blue Crystalized Sap (Extinction) Blue Crystalized Sap and Silicate (Extinction) Silicate serve as substitutes for other resources.

New Features

Corrupted Earth contains several interactive structure drops known as Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) Orbital Supply Drops and Element Node (Extinction) Element Nodes. This new feature requires all survivors with their tamed Creatures to fend off against waves of Corrupted Creatures to obtain the items left behind inside, in the form of PvE style raid.[2] The in parts irregular outer boundary of the map is indicated with poles bearing red lights at the top. Crossing the outer boundary of the map will, unlike in the other maps, instantly kill you and your tamed creature.

New Creatures

Corrupted Earth contains living creatures. The corruption of Element Element has led to turning most of the Creatures into a variant known as "Corrupted" which roam around the earth. Due to the over-exposure of the Element Element, their minds and bodies have become too Corrupted to be tamed like their original counterparts, and must be killed on sight since not only will they destroy anything non-corrupt in their way, their minds moves in a "hive-mentality" state which makes any previous Temperament they were known for redundant. These include creatures like the Corrupted Wyvern Corrupted Wyvern from Scorched Earth and the Corrupted Rock Drake Corrupted Rock Drake from Aberration.

Moreover, these Corrupted Creatures react to activations of Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) Orbital Supply Drops and Element Node (Extinction) Element Nodes, causing them to amass against the tribes who activated them in waves and will attack not only them, but mainly the activated drop as well.

However, not all creatures mutated by the Element Element submit to its "hive-mentality". Some creatures, such as Gasbags Gasbags still retain its normal temperament, thus allowing survivors to tame them despite their state of appearance.

Enormous Creatures, known as "Titans" roam across sections of the map accessible through dungeons/caves once their following prototype Obelisks are activated. They are extremely aggressive, but survivors who managed to knock them down will be able to tame the savage beasts temporarily, the 3 "smaller" Titans must be defeated in order to fight the final and strongest Titan for the expansion.

Within Earth lies technologies like the Enforcer Enforcer and the Scout Scout. While these new Mechanical Creatures cannot be tamed like organic beings, they can be crafted by survivors with parts from destroyed Creatures and blueprints from Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) Orbital Supply Drops to build them as part of their tribe.


Different from its predecessors, Extinction does not contain Supply Crate Supply Crates or Loot Crate Loot Crates that descend from the sky or appear on the ground as in Aberration. There are several ways to obtain loot items:

Unique Environmental Features[]

  • Three proto-Arks which house three biomes: Desert, Snow and Forest.
  • Eclipses that temporarily dim the light.
  • Geysers that launch survivors and Creatures into the air.
  • Meteor showers where meteors rain down upon the land and destroy structures and kill Creatures.
  • Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) Orbital Supply Drops that fall from the sky and Element Node (Extinction) Element Nodes that rise from the ground that, when activated, start PvE horde-styled events. The orbital supply drops are also attacked by the corrupted dinosaurs


  • Camp Omega (Extinction)
    Camp Omega
  • Diana Memorial Fountain (Extinction)
    Diana Memorial Fountain
  • Memorial (Extinction)
  • Memorial Park (Extinction)
    Memorial Park
  • Memorial Waterfront (Extinction)
    Memorial Waterfront
  • Obelisk Park (Extinction)
    Obelisk Park
  • Extinction3
  • Sanctuary Obelisk (Extinction)
    Sanctuary Obelisk
  • Sanctuary Park (Extinction)
    Sanctuary Park
  • Sanctuary Parkway (Extinction)
    Sanctuary Parkway
  • Santiago's Grave (Extinction)
    Santiago's Grave
  • The Trench (Extinction)
    The Trench

  • Arid Steps (Extinction)
    Arid Steps
  • Badlands (Extinction)
  • Desert Cave (Extinction)
    Desert Cave
  • Desert Dome (Extinction)
    Desert Dome
  • Exposed Dome (Extinction)
    Exposed Dome
  • Geiser Falls (Extinction)
    Geiser Falls
  • Geiser Springs (Extinction)
    Geiser Springs
  • Striker's Landing (Extinction)
    Striker's Landing
  • Striker's Point (Extinction)
    Striker's Point
  • The Cassinese River (Extinction)
    The Cassinese River
  • The Narrows (Extinction)
    The Narrows
  • The Outlook (Extinction)
    The Outlook
  • Thundering Basin (Extinction)
    Thundering Basin

  • Beckette's Bridge (Extinction)
    Beckette's Bridge
  • Beckette's Falls (Extinction)
    Beckette's Falls
  • Beckette's Other Bridge (Extinction)
    Beckette's Other Bridge
  • Fort Nova (Extinction)
    Fort Nova
  • Frozen Falls (Extinction)
    Frozen Falls
  • Frozen Lake (Extinction)
    Frozen Lake
  • Frozen Tundra (Extinction)
    Frozen Tundra
  • Grey Fist Mountain (Extinction)
    Grey Fist Mountain
  • Hulterel Plains (Extinction)
    Hulterel Plains
  • Ice Cave (Extinction)
    Ice Cave
  • Ice Tail River (Extinction)
    Ice Tail River
  • Loose Rock Ridge (Extinction)
    Loose Rock Ridge
  • Picholm Mountain (Extinction)
    Picholm Mountain
  • Relic Of The Past (Extinction)
    Relic Of The Past
  • Snow Dome (Extinction)
    Snow Dome
  • The Frozen Lens (Extinction)
    The Frozen Lens
  • The Gallanwell Pass (Extinction)
    The Gallanwell Pass
  • Wisp Vile Ridge (Extinction)
    Wisp Vile Ridge

  • Crater Forest (Extinction)
    Crater Forest
  • Crystal Falls (Extinction)
    Crystal Falls
  • Crystal Path (Extinction)
    Crystal Path
  • Fallen Tower (Extinction)
    Fallen Tower
  • Forest Cave (Extinction)
    Forest Cave
  • Overpass (Extinction)
  • Secluded Lake (Extinction)
    Secluded Lake
  • The Core (Extinction)
    The Core
  • The Hideout (Extinction)
    The Hideout
  • The UnderForest Ruins (Extinction)
    The UnderForest Ruins
  • The UnderForest (Extinction)
    The UnderForest
  • Western Ramp (Extinction)
    Western Ramp

  • Barracks (Extinction)
  • Blood Hollows (Extinction)
    Blood Hollows
  • Bracken Institution (Extinction)
    Bracken Institution
  • Carver Rock (Extinction)
    Carver Rock
  • Control Center (Extinction)
    Control Center
  • Control Room (Extinction)
    Control Room
  • Corrupted Den (Extinction)
    Corrupted Den
  • Corrupted Terminal (Extinction)
    Corrupted Terminal
  • Crater Pass (Extinction)
    Crater Pass
  • Crater Runoff (Extinction)
    Crater Runoff
  • Crimson Falls (Extinction)
    Crimson Falls
  • Crystal River (Extinction)
    Crystal River
  • Delta Tower (Extinction)
    Delta Tower
  • Dome Treatment (Extinction)
    Dome Treatment
  • Eroded Pass (Extinction)
    Eroded Pass
  • Flodded Pond (Extinction)
    Flodded Pond
  • Flooded Waterway (Extinction)
    Flooded Waterway
  • Forbidden Zone (Extinction)
    Forbidden Zone
  • Frozen Approach (Extinction)
    Frozen Approach
  • Frozen Grotto (Extinction)
    Frozen Grotto
  • Giants Steppes (Extinction)
    Giants Steppes
  • Glaicer Pass (Extinction)
    Glaicer Pass
  • The Grip of Torment (Extinction)
    The Grip of Torment
  • Ivory Gulch (Extinction)
    Ivory Gulch
  • Jagged Lookout (Extinction)
    Jagged Lookout
  • Lower Spires (Extinction)
    Lower Spires
  • Lowlands Runnoff (Extinction)
    Lowlands Runnoff
  • Mt. Bracken (Extinction)
    Mt. Bracken
  • Old Ruins (Extinction)
    Old Ruins
  • Searing Springs (Extinction)
    Searing Springs
  • Sludge Basin (Extinction)
    Sludge Basin
  • Spire Lookout (Extinction)
    Spire Lookout
  • Spire River (Extinction)
    Spire River
  • Station (Extinction)
  • Sulfur Fields (Extinction)
    Sulfur Fields
  • The Crater (Extinction)
    The Crater
  • The Hopeless Ravine (Extinction)
    The Hopeless Ravine
  • The lowlands (Extinction)
    The lowlands
  • The Ribcage (Extinction)
    The Ribcage
  • The Sweeping Spires (Extinction)
    The Sweeping Spires
  • Treatment Runnoff (Extinction)
    Treatment Runnoff
  • Underbelly (Extinction)
  • Vile Straight (Extinction)
    Vile Straight
  • Extinction15
  • Water Main (Extinction)
    Water Main

  • Extinction11
    Desert Titan Arena
  • Extinction5
    Ice Titan Arena
  • Extinction8
    Forest Titan Arena
  • Extinction23
    King Titan Arena

Approximate Spawn Locations[]

Extinction Map

Spawn Locations

Sunken Forest

Data Maps[]

  • Preview Resources Map (Scorched Earth)
    Strategic Resources
  • Level 55
    Exploring the map
  • SpawnMapIcon
    Creature Spawns


Unique Creatures[]

Some of the creatures here can only be "tamed" through crafting from remains of said creature's part.

Other Spawns[]

Normal Creatures[]

Corrupted Creatures[]

Corrupted Creatures Corrupted variants can be found wandering around Earth, most notably in the Wasteland. These dino/creatures have been infected by Element Element to the point where their minds are under a "hive-mentality", rendering them untameable, and must be killed as they are extremely aggressive (even naturally skittish creatures).

Event Creatures[]


All items from the base game are available on Extinction in addition to the items below.



Trophies and Tributes[]

Weapons, Armor, and Tools[]




Explorer Notes[]


As Extinction is part of the story of the ARKs, NoteSantiago Explorer Notes can be found across the map. These Explorer Notes document the ARK lore. For more in-depth information, see Explorer Notes


Dossier EmptyDossier Snow Owl

In addition to the Explorer Notes, NoteHelena Dossiers can also be found on Extinction, written by Helena Walker to document the research of Extinction's creatures. For more in-depth information, see Dossiers.


  • Artifact of Chaos (Extinction)
  • Artifact of Growth (Extinction)
  • Artifact of the Void (Extinction)



  • Extinction was the first Expansion Pack to:
    • not take place in an Ark.
    • have tamable bosses
    • have new types of bosses.
    • have a chronicles event leading up to the release.
    • to have the logo with only one glowing edge and a sharp top end.
    • the first Expansion Pack that features creatures and equipments exclusive to a previous Expansion Pack.
    • This is also the first time that Ragnarok, a non-canon map, had some of its details used.
    • This is the first Expansion Pack to have craft-able creatures.
    • Not have terminals located directly under the obelisks, instead requiring survivors to go on “cave runs” if they wish to access the terminals to fight each of the respective Titans.
  • Extinction was the only official expansion map to not include:
    • A new saddle skin (the Parasaur Parasaur on The Island, Thorny Dragon Thorny Dragon on Scorched Earth, and Ravager Ravager on Aberration all had unique saddle skins).
    • A new shoulder mounted pet
    • A unique armor set
  • The Corrupted Earth, which is the setting for this Expansion Pack, is visible after the final boss fight of Aberration and after you are sent through portal frames in the Element Falls shaft.
    • It is also visible during the Overseer battle and during the Island's Ascension cut-scene, though it can only be seen from space and appears as a desert planet.
    • It is also visible from the surface of Aberration
  • Unlike The Island and the previous Expansion Packs Scorched Earth and Aberration, this expansion pack includes mainly kaiju inspired creatures (e.g: Ice Titan Ice Titan, Forest Titan Forest Titan, Desert Titan Desert Titan and the normal King Titan King Titan) and Mecha inspired creatures typically seen in kaiju films (e.g: Enforcer Enforcer, Scout Scout, Enraged Creatures Enraged Creatures, Mek Mek, Mega Mek Mega Mek and the Alpha King Titan Alpha King Titan).
  • In Aberration's Ascension cinematic, Australia and Indonesia are visible on the globe when the planet is in view, with the camera taking the survivor towards present day South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Key landmarks aiding the locating process are Australia's northwest coast on the right side of the planet, and the Sunda Island chain visible as a string of mountains, with southeast China on the left of the player's view. In the cinematic, the Earth has been tilted 90 degrees, and there is water visible in the pacific basin beyond the Present day Philippines. It is therefore possible that one of Kalimantan's mountain ranges is the geographic location of Extinction's Sanctuary City, though it may be equally possible that the cutscene cinematic was made with no particular location in mind, lore-wise.
  • On the Steam page for the Season Pass, the first targeted release date was spring 2018 which was changed in December, 2017 to a general 2018 release date. It was finally released on November 6, 2018.
  • One to two hours after the ARK: ARKaeology event started, the banner time was replaced by another banner, hinting a new creature and one of the tainted areas within the map.
  • On the third day, the countdown was brought over to the Twitch channel, with an updated banner that constantly changed over time.
    • In the 4 hour mark, a dinosaur could be seen in the same banner during the countdown in twitch channel, showing a Rex Rex within the red mist.
    • In the 3 hour mark, a small object (possibly a Scout Scout) could be seen above the said creature's head.
    • The trailer was released on June 19, 2018, along with the mention of the prolonged event "Extinction Chronicles" lasting through November.
  • From the start of trailer, the survivor is seen with an Alpha Ascension Implant Alpha Ascension Implant, when compared to previous Expansion trailers where they have not ascended.
  • In a trailer Electromagnetic waves were shown to be present at certain locations, rendering items such as GPS GPS useless. However that never made it to the final version in the game. It may have possibly been scrapped.
  • During an interview with Wildcard, they stated that they were unsure if Mechanical Creatures such as Enforcer Enforcers found in Extinction will be normally tamed like other creatures, or if they will be "crafted".[3]
  • One of the new Extinction Chronicles notes, ??? #13 stated that the Obelisk Obelisks in Extinction are a “prototype”.
  • There is no large body of water in Extinction due to the fact that water has dried up on the surface of the Earth.
    • the Tek Sword (Ragnarok) Tek Sword and the Tek Shield (Ragnarok) Tek Shield can be obtained through killing their respective Titans Titans, and the Ice Wyvern Ice Wyvern was referenced in Managarmr Managarmr dossier, though it was mentioned that it inhabited the desert, which is false.
  • In Extinction, Proto-ARKs dot the map. These Proto-ARKs are surrounded by a bubble and contain an Obelisk Obelisk.
  • Near the Desert Dome where the barrier is, a massive crater from a previous ARK that went to space can be seen.
  • City Terminals can charge Charge Batteries.
  • Both Cryopod Cryopod and Cryofridge Cryofridge were extinction-exclusive engrams. This was changed with the release of Valguero map, allowing access to their engram in all maps.
  • Prior to the release of Genesis, players who logged their survivor out from The Island or any free DLC maps were taken to the same title screen as when they had their survivors logged out of Extinction.
  • In lore, Extinction is the setting of some of the most tragic moments in the ARK lore.
    • The survivors that were with Helena, Mei Yin and Santiago were mentally broken down when they realized they escaped the ARKs only to land in an even greater danger instead of safety.
    • For Santiago, he never got to see the Mega Mek Mega Mek he created since he had to use a Mek Mek to lure away the horde that is going to attack Camp Omega, sacrificing himself in the process.
    • For Helena, she had to sacrifice her mind and body to save her friends but she was too late and Mei Yin was the only survivor she saved from the King Titan King Titan. Even though the survivors she couldn't save are buried by Mei Yin and Diana and at rest, Helena isn't at rest as her mind slowly crumbles beneath the knowledge that flows through her as a Homo Deus.
    • For Mei Yin, she has already lost Wuzhui to the New Legion, Ao Yue to Reaper Reapers and Diana to Rockwell, but now she lost Helena, her closest friend who is in a coma and the survivors who died by the King Titan King Titan's hands. After Helena ascended to Homo Deus status, Mei Yin thought she was going to live out a new life in a torturous wasteland alone. On top of that, her promise from Diana about flying a jet seems to be forever out of reach. But different from the other survivors, she rebounds when she reunites with a newly resurrected Diana.
    • For Diana, she returned with Mei Yin to grab the other two Mek Mek suits only to see those suits be surrounded by badly decomposed corpses of survivors that she deeply trusted back on Aberration.
  • Shortly after the launch of Extinction, the Corrupted Deathworm was removed from the game.
  • This may be a reference to Ark II , because in the television series, it said that earth used to be rich and fertile before it was ravaged by pollution, sort of like extinction; it used to be peaceful, but then became corrupted with element.


Patch Changes
309.42 Fixed multiple cases where the Bloodstalker couldn't swing around Extinction


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