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Disambig This article is about the official DLC. For the original Fjordur mod on the Steam Workshop, see Mod:Fjordur.
Fjordur DLC
DLC for ARK with a new map and new creatures.
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Release Dates
June 12th 2022
Xbox One
June 12th 2022
June 12th 2022
Nintendo Switch
Epic Games
June 12th 2022
June 12th 2022

Fjordur is a free, official, non-canonical DLC expansion map for ARK: Survival Evolved.

Fjordur was released on June 12, 2022 for the PC, Mac, Linux and consoles.


Unique Environmental Features[]

  • The Map contains an area that includes 3 portals to 3 different realms.
  • Jotunheim is an Icy Realm with extreme freezing temperatures.
  • Vanaheim is a luscious forest based realm.
  • Asgard is a realm of large vibrant fields and abandoned buildings.
  • Unique Obelisks in the form of massive floating runestones.
  • Unique supply drops that look like totem poles
  • Various ruins around the map including things such as-
  • Moria / Khazad-dûm - an attempted construction of the Lord of the Rings Dwarven city, contains Balin’s tomb and the infamous bridge where Gandalf (Ian McKellen) says ‘you shall not pass’
  • Helm’s deep - another construction of the infamous Lord of the Rings fortress of Rohan, contains a complete Hornsburg wall; statues and a cave accessed by the central citadel (Glittering caves)
  • There are several fortresses scattered around the map, located in each biome
  • Several deserted wooden houses are strewn about the map, some with wooden palisade walls, some of these houses are accessible whilst others remain bolted shut.
  • Can you find the infamous Poglin Statue?
  • New species of dinos, including the Blood hungry Desmodus; the almighty Andrewsarchus; the keen eyed Fjordhawk, the fearsome Fenrir and the odd-filed Aberrant Megalania.
  • Giant Beaver Dens containing large amounts of resources
  • An Elemental region inspired cave with radioactive rivers and lakes
  • 200 Runes (serve the same function as explorer notes; each 100 found grant the survivor 5 additional levels) you can find all over the map and the 3 realms
  • All realms contain a wyvern trench being one of two maps with all the wyvern types except the void wyvern, Jotunheim contains ice wyverns, Asgard contains lightning wyverns and Vanaheim contains poison wyvern
  • On Asgard there's also a Rockdrake trench located on 45 50. The area is radioactive so remember to bring the hazard suit
  • Ambient Microraptor and Itchyornis calls in Asgard


The Fjordur map officially spans an area over 140 square kilometers, 3.5 times that of The Island, which has an area of roughly 40 sq kilometers. The map is smaller than Ragnarok. However it contains nearly 50 cave systems, some of them very large. Additionally, there are 3 sub-maps accessible via portals. These sub maps are each have a similar setup to the domes in Extinction, or the separated biomes of Genesis Pt. 1 but do not appear on any maps. All together these additional hidden areas, while difficult to confirm exact numbers, could nearly double the map’s actual area compared to the official size.


Unique Creatures[]

Other Spawns[]




  • Fjordur was originally designed as a mod map (modded Fjordur), which is still available under an agreement between Wildcard and the development team. While the two versions are similar, there are differences between them
  • Fjordur contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and rewarding discoveries!
  • Fjordur is the first free DLC to get a menu picture and custom in game theme song
    • Right now it's bugged and is the only menu picture/song

The Original Creator Team[]